National Seminar on Constitutional Development and Nation Building in India



Date : October 26-27,2013

Venue : Kirori Mal College, Delhi


1. Constitutional Development: A Historical perspective
2. Constitutional Development
3. Nation-building: Colonial Perspective; Constitution, Democracy and Social Change
4. Constitutionalism and Processes of Nation-building: Subaltern Perspective
5. Public Institutions and Governance
6. Leadership and Role of Opposition in Indian Democracy
7. Mapping Democracy: Election Reforms in India
8. Social Movements in India: Readdressing Issues
9. Constitution, Democracy and Role of Civil Society in India
10.Politics and Democracy in India: Gender Perspective
11.Caste Politics and Politics of Caste, Media and Democracy.

Eligibility: Faculty Member, Research scholar, Constitutional Experts, People from Media, Civil Society & Corporate World and Political leaders.

Registration Deadline:
Last date for abstract: 10.10.2013
Notification of Acceptance: 12.10.2013
Registration Fee and Full Paper/PPT.: 15.10.2013


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