National Conference on ” Law & Justice”, 2013


The laws of any country lay the foundation of peace and order, and ensure progress and safety in all aspects of citizens’ lives in the areas of business, education, travel, health and recreation. A good legal system is accountable for the safety and security of its citizens and is paramount for any progress in society. It is equally important that those who are given the responsibility to ensure law, order and justice have the courage to uphold the rights of all citizens. Thus, the role of public officials is to create, scrutinize, implement and uphold the laws in order to protect the rights of every individual, corporate entity or institution.

Educators of law thus, possess the task of not only shaping each and every generation of legal practitioners into knowledgeable and responsible agents, but also the study of issues which surround the practice of law and its implementation across jurisdictions.

This conference will highlight the legal, socio-economic and commercial challenges faced by the legal profession and provide an opportunity to exchange information and learn from the proceedings. Delegates from all over the country will have an opportunity to network, exchange views, experiences and find possible solutions for many of the current legal issues facing our nation.


Ogranized & Hosted By: School of Law(AURO University),Surat,Gujarat,India

Theme : ” Law & Justice in Globalised Era “

Dates: 14th   to  15th September 2013


Contact person: Sachin Sharma

The Conference aims to promote exchange of knowledge and views of the educationalist, jurists, practising professional , Social activists, and individuals in area of their interest and relating to social justice and social change.

Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 15th July 2013 

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