National Conference on Family Structure, Social Change and Law: Vivekananda Law School(VIPS)



National Conference on Family Structure, Social Change and Law


  • Venue : Vivekananda Law School (VIPS) , Delhi
  • Date : 19th and 20th December, 2013
  • Call for papers:

            i. Family and law
– Familial philanthropy and economic rights in a family (e.g. in undivided Hindu family)
– Women as daughters and brides (social and legal rights in natal and marital homes)
– Hindu undivided family
– Changing patterns of family
– Live in relationships as new form of family
– Elderly and incapacitated persons – care and protection

ii. Marriage and law
– The institution of marriage
– Legal and social resolution of marital conflict
– Inter caste and inter religious marriages
– Succession and inheritance rights
– Marriage as a tool to achieve individual and group aspirations

iii. Reproductive rights of women, surrogacy and adoption
– Abortions and women’s choices
– Right to Abortion vs. Sex Selective Abortions
– Traditional surrogacy contracts
– Legal issues on surrogacy
– India as a field for commercial surrogacy
– Health issues and Rights of surrogate women in India.
– Surrogacy vs. Prostitution: Use of women’s body
– Laws of adoption
– Adoption by single women
– Use and misuse of DNA technology and paternity matters

iv. Violence against women and the media
– CEDAW and PWDVA – the law, loopholes and implementation
– Dowry and marital rape
– Media and reinforcement of traditional gender roles

  • An abstract of 300 words with a brief profile of the author should be sent no later than 10th October, 2013, to: [email protected]

  The authors of selected abstracts will be informed by evening of 20th of October 2013

  • Last date for submission of full papers: 30th November 2013.
  • Registration Fees for:
  1. Paper presenters Availing Accommodation: 1500/-
  2. Paper presenters Not Availing Accommodation: 500/-
  3. Audience participants: 300/-

VIPS will be providing all participants with hospitality and accommodation. We request all participants to take care of their travel expenses. For more information click HERE

All queries should be directed to [email protected], contact person:

Ms. Sandhya Kumari
Assistant Professor, VIPS