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Nani A. Palkhiwala Memorial Elocution Contest

Jindal Global Law School organizes Nani A. Palkhiwala Memorial Elocution Contest For Law Students, 2012-13 on behalf of Nani A. Palkhiwala Memorial Trust, Mumbai

The contest will be held at 10:00 a.m. on the 25th of March, 2013 at the Jindal Global Law School, Sonepat.

Each Student will be given 5 minutes to speak in English on any one of the following topics-

1. Freedom of Speech and the Role… of the Media In India.
2. The Pace of the Rajat Gupta Trial in USA- Lessons for India.
3. The recent controversy about the Police handling of Cyber Law offences.
4. Adequacy of RTI as an instrument of justice.

At the end of the fourth minute there will be a warning bell, followed by another at the end of the fifth minute. The student will first announce the subject. The student will not read out from a prepared test. However, she/he can refer to notes for quoting statistics/case laws, if any;

A panel of judges appointed by JGLS will evaluate the performance of the participants and select the three best among them based on contents, presentation, language etc. Decision of the panel will be final.

Prizes: First- Rs. 5,000/-, Second- Rs. 3,000/-, and Third- Rs. 2,000/-

Contact: Rohan Kothari (+91 9845287182)

E-Mail: Nani Palkhiwala Memorial Elocution Competition 2013 <>

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