Journal on Corporate Laws: Call for Papers.


downloadThe Centre for Corporate Research is an initiative of Institute of Law, Nirma University aimed at institutionalizing and channelizing researches on contemporary corporate issues. The Centre for Corporate Research is delightful to invite all the academicians, practitioners, students and rest of the legal fraternity to contribute in the form of Articles, Essays, Case Comments and Notes for the inaugural issue of Annual Journal on Corporate Laws.

The purpose behind this Peer Reviewed Journal is to raise discussions and come with thought provoking ideas on numerous prevailing legal issues in the arena of contemporary corporate laws. Moreover, with the help of this Journal, the Centre intends to increase awareness in the whole legal fraternity and come out with possible solutions of the same.

Contemporary issues pertaining to Corporate Laws including Securities Laws

Editorial Policy:

  • Articles: The write up should be a comprehensive review of current/contemporary relevant legal issue(s)/question(s) that need to be analyzed and presented. It must be clear on the topic dwelt upon and lucidly presented without any ambiguity. The author’s stand on the issue(s) should be expressed with clarity. The article should aim at understanding the issue(s) of current/contemporary legal importance. All tables, charts, graphs, figures etc. should be kept to the minimum. They should be given on separate sheets with sources indicated at the bottom. The word limit for the submission is 4000 – 6000 words, exclusive of footnotes and abstract.
  • Notes and Comments: Notes and Comments may include a brief analysis of a recent judicial pronouncement, legislation, book or any legal issue of relevance. The word limit for the submission is 3000 words, exclusive of footnotes and abstract.
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to accept the Article/Comment/Note exceeding the aforesaid word limit.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Covering Letter: All submissions must be accompanied by a covering letter stating the title, author’s full name, employment details/university and year of study and the author’s contact details. Only the covering letter should contain the above mentioned details and not the manuscript. Co-authorship is allowed to maximum of two authors.
  • Submissions must be in MS Word.
  • Main Text: Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing, justified, with a margin left 1.5 inch and right 1.0 inch, top 1inch and bottom 1 inch. The first line of the paragraph is not to be indented.
  • Foot Notes: Times New Roman, font size 10. Substantive foot notes are accepted.
  • Citation: The Bluebook: A Uniform Method of Citation, 19th Edition should be strictly adhered to.
  • Abstract: The typescript should be accompanied by an abstract in about 350 words along with a declaration that the paper has not been published or sent for publication elsewhere.

Submissions are accepted till on or before¬†20th March, 2013. A soft copy of the transcript in MS Word document format, should be emailed to [email protected]

Mr. Anand Shindhe
Centre for Corporate Research
Institute of Law, Nirma University
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Ahmedabad – 382 481, Gujarat
Phone: +91 – 2717 – 241900/01/02/03/04
Fax: +91 – 2717 – 241916
Email: [email protected]

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