Job Offer : PETA India Legal Advisor



People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals India based in Mumbai is currently looking for a full-time legal advisor specializing in the field of litigation. 

Job Description :

Objectives : 

 To strategise and coordinate PETA India litigation, including utilising outside counsel

 To influence government decision-makers in the development of animal-friendly legislation and policies

 To influence corporate entities to incorporate animal-friendly operating procedures and policies

 To ensure PETA India staff members are operating with sound knowledge of the law and using the strongest legal arguments to advance towards and meet our objectives

 To prepare casework against individuals or organisations responsible for cruelty to animals


Job Qualifications :


·        Bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from a university recognised by the Bar Council of India

·        Five years of litigation experience

·        Good standing to practise law

·        Preferred experience in animal rights law or a related field

·        Thorough knowledge of animal rights issues and PETA campaigns

·        Proven excellent legal research and writing skills

·        Proven excellent strategic-thinking and analytical skills

·        Proven ability to handle multiple tasks within strict time constraints

·        Professional appearance and adherence to a healthy vegan lifestyle

·        Support for PETA’s philosophy and the ability to professionally advocate PETA’s positions on issues

·        Commitment to the objectives of the organisation


Contact Details :

If interested in applying please mail your CV to [email protected]

For more visit :


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