Invitation to write Case Summary of landmark judgments; Cash Prize of Rs 2K + Internships


Case Summary Lawlex, C

Dear Legal Fraternity,

Lawlex invites you to write Case Summaries of various landmark judgments. The aim is to help the law student fraternity get acquainted with a number of cases and make a decision on what to study in detail and what can be studied summarily. We, by no means, are diminishing the importance of studying the original judgments, which no doubt are the best means to study a case properly. However, want the students’ to effectively manage and utilize their time by making a considerate decision.

Just as a meager incentive, we have kept a cash prize of Rs 2000/- for the best Case Summary. To be eligible for the cash reward, you need to submit at least three Case Summaries latest by 30th June 2017 31st July 2017. The winner will be selected out of the best entries received. Lawlex reserves the right to increase the number as well as the amount of the cash prize. The best entries will also be offered internship opportunities, the details of which will be updated soon.

Best entries will receive a certificate of appreciation.

Guidelines for Writing Case Summaries:

  1. Mention the proper case title and the citation.
  2. Name of the Court, Name of the judges and the Parties.
  3. Brief facts
  4. Issues
  5. Important arguments (from both parties)
  6. Judgment
  7. Present Status of the Judgment (whether still applicable or over-ruled)
  8. Conclusion if any
  9. Similar cases worth reading
  10. Use hyperlinks where applicable
  11. You can add a powerpoint presentation along with the summary

To contribute, send an email to [email protected] with the subject, “Case Summary Competition ( the title of the case) for participation or use the subject line, “Case Summary Publication ( the title of the case)”.

Though there is no deadline for submitting case summaries for publication. However, to take part in the competition, the deadline is 31st July 2017.

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