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Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) (est. April 2015) is India’s first cross party advocacy group, which endeavours to support the election of visionary, progressive and inclusive leaders to public offices. With our members previously organized under the banner of Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) (est. 2013), we have been operating in the socio-political domain for the last five years and have been lauded as the Powerhouse that changed [election]campaigning in India forever. Set up with the ambitious goal of re-inventing the socio-political space, I-PAC provides a platform for young professionals to meaningfully associate with electoral politics and contribute to policy making and governance by setting the agenda for incoming governments

Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC) espouses similar values and embraces the fact that every individual, makes a contribution that can change the face of electioneering in India. It is this mentality that has helped us drive election campaigns for the biggest leaders of India, such as Mr. Narendra Modi (In 2014), Mr. Nitish Kumar (2015), Capt. Amarinder Singh (In 2017). But now, I-PAC would like to create a platform for the grandest and the smallest ideas to be heard with equal importance. That platform, is the National Agenda Forum (NAF).
National Agenda Forum (NAF), a platform for educated youth of the country to set the people’s agenda for upcoming Indian General Elections in 2019.

We are looking for college students to registers with us as Part Time Associates (PTA) to be a core part of NAF.

As a PTA, you get to be,
An active member in shaping the key political discourse in India
A partner in I-PAC’s decision making
Considered in internship and job opportunities at I-PAC
Involved in a forum of like-minded people
Mentored on On-ground Leadership by I-PAC’s professionals
Connected with national and state-level political leadership
You will be instrumental in helping I-PAC choose the right leader for delivering this agenda set by NAF (National Agenda Forum) and will help leader adopt the agenda as his/her key priority in the 2019 General Elections.

If you feel the need for change and if you would want to drive that change by yourselves, please enroll yourselves and encourage your friends (College Goers) to enroll in the same.

Registration link :
Referral id : [email protected]

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