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Who are we?
Grayscale  is a team of enthusiastic legal  minds determined to provide professionals  with quality results.  Our pan- Indian team of law undergraduates and postgraduates, full of enthusiasm backed with intellect is dedicated to make the daily professional life easier!
We provide the following services:

  • Legal/Non-Legal Research
  • Proof Reading Documents
  • Field Work
  • Documentation
  • Case Summaries

With access to a  wide  variety of literary resources both online and otherwise, a pan – Indian team  of law students guarantees to provide you with quality results within a comfortable time gap. We  let you work  in your area of skill/interest and set you up with a team of your area of expertise.

Why join us?
No stipend. No certificates. We pay you with what matters.

  • Contacts.
  • And outreach.

Our various tie-ups ensure that you have maximum opportunity to make a mark:
LawLex: Our Social Media Partner has reserved slots for Research Associates of Grayscale. Associates get to publish articles under their names,  or as a joint publication.
Lex-Warrier:  Our Knowledge Partner, the online law journal by the alumni of NLIU Bhopal publishes  articles in collaboration with our Associates.
Alkemia: A guest lecture series with CLAT Hacker is scheduled for 2013-14. Our Associates get to earn over a weekend and take a quick, paid – for break.

…and various other opportunities are built up over time.
Think of us, as a means  to many ends.

Eligibility: Second Year above for 5-year integrated law course as well for 3 -year law courses.

  • We need individuals willing to put in reasonable time.
  • Individuals with easy access to their emails are especially urged.
  • Send in your CV. And your area of interest/expertise to [email protected]
  • Attach an article (published/un-published) to back your claim of expertise in the said area.
  • Selected applicants will be on a probation for 14 days – after which their posts shall be confirmed.
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Apply by June 28, 2013!

Download the official invite here.

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