Internship Opportunity – The Nalanda Project


Internship Opportunity –

The Nalanda Project


The Nalanda Project is looking for a Project Intern for a period of 3 months ( extendable based on performance/requirement). This will be a full time, paid internship.


Background :

The Nalanda Project is an innovative project involving the integration of tablet-based technology in the local math curriculum to understand how best to use the new learning platform and to measure changes in learning outcomes.

The Nalanda project is a collaboration of several partners.

  1. The Motivation for Excellence Foundation (MFE) is providing funding and personnel support for organizing and deploying the KA Lite platform.
  2. The Akanksha Foundation and Teach For India are supporting deployment in their classrooms.
  3. The Foundation for Learning Equality (FLE) is collaborating closely with MFE to further develop a scalable version of the KA Lite platform.
  4. The research team at University of California, San Diego overseen by highly renowned Prof. Karthik Muralidharan is working closely with both MFE and FLE to support the design of the program in accordance with best practices and to evaluate the program.

Project Phases :

  1. The project has been undergoing development and piloting at a small scale during the 2013-2014 school year (Phase 1).  The plan for Phase 2 of the project is to expand the program to a pilot of approximately 50 classrooms at the start of the 2014-2015 school.  Phase 2 is defined as the rollout of selected instructional videos and interactive exercises derived from the educational content of Khan Academy (KA), delivered in the teachers’ classrooms at the School on low-cost tablets without the need for broadband access, PCs/laptops or desktops.
  2.  This phase of the project has two core objectives: i) to provide proof of the concept that KA Lite is a stable technology platform that can be successfully integrated into the local curriculum with appropriate teaching methods while being implemented at scale, and ii) to conduct a student-level experimental evaluation of interventions that aim to improve student motivation by leveraging the instant feedback component of KA Lite.
  3. Phase 2 is envisioned to start no later than July 1, 2014 and is expected to last through the complete academic year 2014-2015.  Phase 2 activities can be ceased upon mutual agreement of the parties.  While the Nalanda Project is envisioned to consist of multiple Phases described above this MOU only covers Phase 2 of the Project.
  4. This pilot will serve as preparation for intended expansion and further rigorous evaluation of the Nalanda project
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Job description:


  1. Ensuring smooth implementation of the tablet integration program in Mumbai.
  2. Maintaining communication with teachers to get updates, feedback and to provide technical support.
  3. Periodic reporting to Program Manager.
  4. Inventory management of all the distributed hardware components.
  5. Manage social media presence of the Project.



  1. Excellent analytical and critical reasoning skills.
  2. Able to communicate fluently in English and Hindi.
  3. Able to effectively plan and implement initiatives in multiple locations.
  4. Must be tech savvy  ( Engineering or Science background preferred but not necessary)
  5. Experience working or volunteering in the education sector preferred.

Interested candidates are requested to email a copy of their CV to [email protected]

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