Internship: Grayscale Inc.



Attached herewith is a calling, for yourself and from yourself. It is the idea of taking control of your profession when the time and market so demands. It is tailor-made for law students since at this stage of our career, contacts matter more than cash. This is an opportunity for law students through-out the nation to be a part of a pan-Indian legal service.
I could go on to say that it is time you did something for the people, but no- I believe it is time you did something for yourself; and if you help others along the way, well then, a halo for us all.
The conception of Grayscale Inc. is based on the reality that as students, we depend on others for shining internships and placements. But now we can take charge of it ourselves. Frankly, this is a concept dripping with potential and all I need is a team of bright, street-smart and enthusiastic students who are willing to give this venture a shot. The market is waiting for you.
The attached brochure will help make everything clear- Grayscale Inc. is going to be a student-run firm which will take care of legal needs of professionals, students and laymen. Working along with established professionals in the field should be a strong enough incentive.
Queries, apprehensions, skepticism and doubts are expected. Kindly address them to [email protected]
Rohan Mukherjee
CEO & Founder
Grayscale Inc.
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