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Nishith Desai Associates is a research-based Indian law firm with offices in Mumbai, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Singapore, Mumbai BKC and Delhi that aims at providing strategic, legal and tax services across various sectors; some of which are IP, pharma and life-sciences, corporate, technology and media. They contribute insight through articles and other resourceful reports to publications on the growing Indian economy and its legal impact on the US and other developed nations.Their expertise and opinion is regarded as an authority amongst the upper echelons of international law. In addition, their client list includes many of the Fortune 500 and other successful Indian businesses. As an intimately sized firm, we have an intensive client selection process in order to maximize our strengths to areas where we can best add value.

Technology is the cornerstone of their practice and they invest heavily in updating our system to match global demand. 


 4 weeks  – extension or reduction of the duration will be depended up on exceptional need basis.


At the outset, they tend to screen the applications for legal internship. 

  • Student should be in 5th or 4th year LL.B. or 3rd year of the 3 year course or equivalent at the least Institute
  • Academics (though marks and grades alone do not matter that much to us)
  • Past Internship experience and exposure – quality, range, rigor and relevance
  • Moot courts’ participation as speaker/researcher – quality and quantity
  • Papers/articles/research work – quality and quantity
  • Extra-curricular activities – evidence of initiative, leadership, talent and personality attributes
  • Orientation for social commitment
  • Previous internship at NDA – if yes, the candidate should be highly recommended with performance rating in top 15 percentile, with likely potential for hiring

If the candidacy is taken forward, there would be a virtual interview by a panel.

The panel  evaluate and assess credentials, information and accomplishments presented in CV including in academics, extra-curricular activities, moots, research papers, previous internships etc and seeks to gauge:

  • Strong conceptual grasp and knowledge of essential law school curricula, ability to interpret, and potential for high technical proficiency
  • Above average to outstanding communication and articulation skills and ability to present with impact
  • Matching of goals and aspirations with firm’s requirements
  • A well-rounded, well-aware, self-driven individual who tends to share firm’s values (preferably with potential for long term culture fit). Interest and aptitude for learning, research, and/or business development, as required

At every stage of the intern selection process, there is formal communication that may be expected from the firm.

The firm also offers internship opportunities for non-lawyers such as MBAs etc.


  • The firm receives Internship applications either directly from students or as coordinated by their Institutes.
  • Often, Institutes themselves pre-screen on the basis of our criteria and send us a shortlist of recommended candidates.
  • The firm reserves the right to choose a candidate on its own perception of merit and other criteria.

When to Apply?

  • You are  invited to submit your application three to six months before the dates for internship you have in mind.
  • If you have greater flexibility to adjust your internship slot with the availability at  NDA, it works better.
  • Applications for internships are typically considered for review three months before the requested or available slot for internship.
  • Only in cases of exceptional talent qualifications or where the intern has necessary flexibility for scheduling of internship slot, can there be an advance follow through for the application.

How to Appply?

The applicant should submit through electronic media the following documents  at [email protected] along with a completed Intern Application Form.: 

  • his or her curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages)
  • samples of written work or projects (if any)
  • academic credentials
  • along with a brief covering letter

For further details and queries please visit here:

And to know about the firm and other details related to the firm you may visit here:

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