Internship at Legislative Department: Ministry of Law and Justice



Ministry of Law and Justice is the oldest limb of the Government of India dating back to 1833 when the Charter Act 1833 enacted by the British Parliament. The said Act vested for the first time legislative power in a single authority, namely the Governor General in Council. By virtue of this authority and the authority vested under him under section 22 of the Indian Councils Act 1861 the Governor General in Council enacted laws for the country from 1834 to 1920. After the commencement of the Government of India Act 1919 the legislative power was exercised by the Indian Legislature constituted thereunder. The Government of India Act 1919 was followed by the Government of India Act 1935. With the passing of the Indian Independence Act 1947 India became a Dominion and the Dominion Legislature made laws from 1947 to 1949 under the provisions of section 100 of the Government of India Act 1935 as adapted by the India (Provisional Constitution) Order 1947. Under the Constitution of India which came into force on the 26th January 1950 the legislative power is vested in Parliament.

Legislative Department in the Ministry of Law and Justice proposes to offer VOLUNTARY INTERNSHIP SCHEME FOR LAW STUDENTS (hereinafter referred to as the “Scheme”) for the benefit of students pursuing Five Year Integrated Bachelor Degree in Law from recognised Law Colleges and National Law Universities in the country.
The purpose of the Scheme is to motivate students in creating interest in Legislative Drafting work of the Government. The Scheme would help the students to enhance their drafting skills and secure knowledge about the nature and working of the Legislative Department.
After the completion of the internship, it is expected that the interns would go out of the Legislative Department with deeper understanding of its functioning.