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Of the 193 countries that are members of the World Intellectual Property Organization, more than two-thirds of them have in their copyright statutes a provision that specifically permits libraries to make copies of copyrighted work in connection with the performance of library services. Many of the services that libraries focus on pertain to making copies of works for the purpose of preserving the materials in the collection and
for providing copies to individuals for their research and study. The future of the IP framework dealing with libraries will be shaped by copyright law through balancing the interests of authors and creators by granting certain monopoly rights on one hand and limitations and exceptions for the use, on the other. The exceptions for libraries and archives are fundamental to the structure of copyright law, and the exceptions play an important role in facilitating library services in serving the social objective. The advancement in the digital environment and knowledge and easy availability of copyrighted material within the premises of the libraries has raised many concerns. In particular, the last year has brought to light some stark realities with regard to the use of Digital Platforms in educational and knowledge-sharing processes in India and other jurisdictions. The concept of libraries as knowledge repositories has also undergone a major transformation. Distance learning, inclusiveness, the democratization of knowledge, accessibility, flexibility, and costs are now imperatives that place challenging questions for the spectrum of copyright and ethical issues.

The objective of the Workshop is to provide to the public, academic community, and librarians the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of Copyright Law and its limitations and exceptions on using the facilities available through the libraries and Archives. The discussion also intends to delve into the issues related to copyright and mass digitization of knowledge resources and suggest proactive measures. 


The Workshop will benefit the participants from various segments of the community, viz., Librarians, Copyright Holders, Publishers, Software Developers, Government Institutes and Organizations, Academic Institutions, Advocates, policymakers, Government officials, IP lawyers, legal practitioners, researchers, students, and academicians and public in general.


E-Certificate of Participation will be given to all the attendees.

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