International Seminar on “Socio Legal Aspects and Disability in India” On 1st and 2nd November, 2017: At Faculty of Law Jamia Millia Islamia


Against this background, the proposed International Seminar on Socio-Legal Aspects of Disability has been conceptualised with the basic objective of taking stock of the progress made by India in the sphere of law, and creates a space for discussion on all matters pertaining to legal issues concerning disability. Hence, this seminar is basically intended to open discussion in the following relevant areas–

(i) Rights of Persons with Disabilities

(ii)Disability Law in India

(iii) Social Exclusion

(iv) Gender Rights

(v) Inclusive Education

(vi) Access to Employment

(vii) International Instruments and Practices

(viii) Livelihood and Skill Development

The following themes/sub- themes are identified for extensive discussion at the National Seminar: (i) United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; (ii) Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016; (iii) Barriers Faced by People with Disabilities in Accessing Legal Recourse; (v) Involvement of Persons with Disabilities in Policy Making and Implementation Processes; (vi) Legal Disability Research; (vii) Social Exclusion and Discrimination; (viii) Gender Rights; (ix) Barriers, Issues and Challenges.

Overall the themes will be around Disability and Law: International Perspective, Disability and Law in India, Litigations, Disability Research, Socio-cultural Aspects of Disability, Exclusion and Inclusion, Disability and Education, and Disability and Technology.

1. Disability and Law: International Perspectives
2. Disability and Law in India
3. Affirmative Action and Disability
4. Legal Theoretical Frameworks and Disability Research.


From October 10th to October 24th, 2017

Registration Fees

Single Author: Rs. 800/-

Double Author: Rs. 1500/-

Attendees: Rs. 300/

  • Submission of Abstract – August 10, 2017
  • Intimation of Selection of Abstract -September 10, 2017
  • Submission of Full Paper – October 10, 2017
  • Information of Selected Papers for Presentation – October 24, 2017
For more details contact to:

Rasheed CA Assistant Professor (Sociology)/
Seminar Coordinator 9818934159 [email protected]

Prof. Nuzhat Parveen Khan
Dean, Faculty of Law
[email protected]
Phone: 011-26981717 Extn: 3100; 3101; 3102, 3110

Email: [email protected]

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