II International Seminar on Institutional Theory:Constitutional Courts and Political Reality


Date: Nov 6, 2013 – Nov 8, 2013

Venue: Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Submission deadline: Oct 11, 2013

Notification due: Oct 21, 2013

Final version due: Oct 31, 2013


The II International Seminar on Institutional Theory: Constitutional Courts and Political Reality will be held in the National Law School on November 6th – 8th. The seminar aims to introduce, among Brazilian legal debate, the main aspects of the Institutional Theory, in order to promote an analysis focused on issues and challenges that Constitutional Courts face on the current political reality.

2.1. Demonstrate the relevance of studying institutional issues in order to establish an appropriate constitutional theoretical frame vis-à-vis political and social reality of contemporary societies;
2.2. Promote the debate on the constitutional legitimacy and political and moral values aimed by the institutional arrangement of contemporary constitutionalism;
2.3. Analyze the behavior of the institutions that compose the legal structure of democratic societies, and their relationship to public values;
2.4. Checking the main empirical problems that arise as obstacles to the legitimate activity of Constitutional Courts.

The call of papers aims to contribute to the development of the debate on institutional theory, largely studied among American scholars. That debate has not yet established the essential elements to stability and efficiency of institutions performance. The originality of the study settles on identifying deviant institutional issues and seeking possible mechanisms that could overcome difficulties to institutional interpretative and deliberative roles. An institutional approach over some of those issues may be original. This research adopts a different perspective of traditional studies by discussing and evaluating the Brazilian democratic constitutional reality, to enact a more stable and balanced society vis-à-vis the institutional behavior and their outcomes.

Some sample topics include:
– Constitutional Courts;
– Institutional Dialogues;
– Democratic Theory and constitutionalism;
– Political and Economic Institutionalism.

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