Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) has decided to mentor law graduates aiming to be legal entrepreneurs. In a bid to instill business skills to start a legal venture, GNLU has set the ball rolling for an incubation centre. In what seems to be a first of its kind centre by a law school in India – GNLU Legal Incubation Centre – will give an opportunity to two GNLU graduates to become initial incubates as it aims to create jobs, train entrepreneurs, have innovative start-ups, legal firms and companies. 

Director of the law university Dr Bimal Patel said, “It is an effort to incubate the seeds of big results for the GNLU graduates. To be launched by the end of first semester in November, the incubation centre will be started with Rs 10 lakh to create physical infrastructure such as office space, provide seed funds apart from others to promote entrepreneurship in the knowledge-driven profession.” In charge of the GNLU Legal Incubation Centre, Nidhi Buch said, “Two GNLU graduates will be incubatees, while current students will get an opportunity to be part of the research team apart from senior faculty as mentors and advisors as they explore nonacademic projects for clients.”

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