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About The LAW Learners

Laws have become stereotyped to be bulky, tiresome, strict and Monotonous. They tend to create paucity as and when a student moves forward to their Learning.

We hence come up with a creative way to make learning of Laws easy for you, where you grow, play and earn while you learn. We as Law Learners ourselves, strive to provide you Legal knowledge of almost all legal strata in the most creative way ever possible.

We thought of coming up with a platform for you guys where you can acquaint yourself with laws added to that u learnt them. So we have designed Certificate Courses which are ABSOLUTELY FREE [knowledge should be free of cost]wherein you can even learn the complex laws as well as earn and gain based on your performance.

Free Certificate Courses

The LAW Learners offers Certificate Courses on Law, absolutely free of cost. There is no eligibility criteria for our Courses and hence anyone can apply for them. At present, we have 4 Certificate Courses each of duration 1 month available. They are as given below :-

Certificate Course on Liabilities under Tort

Tort law allows individuals to claim against any losses they suffer as a result of another’s action. They encompass a range of issues in society and offers a number of different career opportunities. Our course dealing with Liabilities under Torts, hence aim to create the aforementioned skills in our team. We strive to make the fading belief in Torts prominent again and make our team proficient in the application of Tort Laws.

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Certificate Course on Legality of Contracts in India

Contracts specify exactly what rights are being purchased and what rights you’re retaining. They’re binding and legally enforceable.We at LAW Learners hence wish to make our family proficient in understanding the Legality or the Validity of Contracts. We strive to make our team aware enough to impart knowledge and skills in the mass in order to protect them from financial and other breaches.

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Certificate Course on Enforcement of Fundamental Rights

It is Constitutional Law that regulates the legal system, itself. It is concerned with how justice is administered. We at The LAW Learners, through our certificate course on Constitutional Law aim to make our team equipped enough to handle bulky Constitutional Provisions with ease and creative line of thoughts.

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Certificate Course on Legal Provisions for the Protection of Women

We at LAW Learners, through this Certificate Course, wish to instill in our team, the knowledge of the laws present for the protection of women. We aim to make our people aware about the Legal Protections and apply them in day to day lives to make women aware about their legal rights and creating a better Nation for them.

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Important Information

  • We strive to provide legal education for everyone and thus the Courses are not exclusive for the Legal fraternity but are equally designed to suit everyone’s need.
  • The first batch of our Certificate Courses begins on 1st July 2018.
  • There is no fees whatsoever for any of the course.

What you Get?

The top performers in the Certificate Courses will get an opportunity to

  • Publish their task content on our Website.
  • Free Publication in our Journal
  • Internship Opportunity to work with us at a very vital position
  • Opportunity to design the Courses for hundreds of candidates
  • Recommendation letters.

Added to the Free Certificate Courses that we offer, we are organizing the 1st Amendment Writing Competition on Constitutional Law, the details of which are available here. Anyone can participate in it without any Registration Fees. You can apply from here.

You can intern with us. Apply here.

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