The Policy Troupe: Almora Deliberation


The Policy Troupe

As a developing nation, we are often grappling with myriad problems and multiple challenges that our governance structures alone aren’t equipped to resolve. This is why it becomes imperative that the citizens engage, ideate and deliberate on change that they seek, as it will not only encourage proactive citizenry but will also help attain effective and impactful solutions.

At LexQuest, a Research and Educational Organisation, based out of Delhi, we intend to stir and awaken the change seekers and change makers amongst you. Since we firmly believe that effective policy formulation is crucial to shift the paradigm, when it comes to our most ignominious failings as a nation, we are committed to facilitate the learning curve for you, as far as policy analysis, assessment and awareness is concerned.

Keeping in line with our aim to nurture and fuel your thoughts some more, we are now entering the realm of policy innovation through our initiative- The Policy Troupe! As the Troupe will transcend the length and breadth of the country, you will get to move out of your comfort zones and find yourselves in a position to change the status quo, with respect to the multi-pronged challenges faced by our nation.

We therefore, invite you to join The Policy Troupe! Put your ideas, perceptions and learning to test, by getting exposed to real people and problems, so that you can move beyond theory and polish your skills of application.

About the Almora Deliberation:

Amidst the picturesque landscape of Almora, lies the widely prevalent complexity of extending education for livelihood, more so, when mountains prove to be one of the most difficult terrains with limited sources of income and very few viable employment opportunities. While various Civil Society groups are assisting the local population to attain sustainable sources of income, finding long lasting solutions to resolve the following issues, is the need of the hour:

  • How to prepare children in schools such, that they are able to acquire the skills for a sustainable source of livelihood?
  • How to cope with the perils of economic inequality and let education serve as a means to livelihood?
  • How can teachers ensure that school education can equip students to take up alternative sources of livelihood?

At the Almora Deliberation, through an effective and intensive set of action oriented engagements and interactions, in a course of 2 days, The Policy Troupe, will enable you to chalk out ideas, that can lead to transformative policies, at this first of its kind event. We aspire to help you explore, identify and assess your abilities as a thinker, leader and doer. So if you doubt your ability to think, analyse, assess and apply your knowledge to real life projects, join the Troupe and let it enable you to innovate and formulate as you go through an enriching and empowering expedition in the serenity of the Kumaon Himalayas.

Dates: 28th-29th July, 2018

Venue: Almora, Uttarakhand

Who can Apply?

If your thoughts resonate with any of the below-mentioned objectives, Apply Now!

Interested in developing an understanding of the Public Policy arena?

Interested in pursuing a career in Public Policy?

Seeking exposure at the Grass-root Level?

Interested in working closely with the Civil Society?

Interested in gaining experience and initiating your career in the Social Sector?

Interested in learning about and exploring opportunities in the Policy Formulation space?

Interested in associating with a Think Tank, for working closely on providing Policy Recommendations to the Government?

Age: 18 Years to 35 Years

Selection Process: Participants will be shortlisted on the basis of a Questionnaire which will be sent to them, after they have completed the Preliminary Registration Process here.

Maximum Number of Deliberators (participant intake for the event): 15

Deadline for Application: 8th July, 2018


  • Engage with law and policy entrepreneurs, lawyers, Civil Society personnel, social and grassroot workers, facilitators, benefactors and beneficiaries of the policy space.
  • Engage in Field Work, Field Surveys, which will also include interactions with locals.
  • Connect with students and professionals from Institutions, NGOs and Think Tanks, from across the Country.
  • Collaborative initiation into the realm of Public Policy.
  • Learn receptive and responsive leadership skills through interactive and action-oriented deliberations.
  • Participate in Socratic Group Discussions, Ideation Workshops, Interactive Group Exercises and much more.
  • Work on understanding the problem and devising a solution, in the form of Policy Recommendations, which will be collated and sent to the Government.
  • The Top 3 Deliberators will get to work with us closely, on formulating and compiling the Policy Recommendations to be sent to the relevant Ministry. Their names will also be included in the Working Document.
  • Top 5 Deliberators will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Merit and a Letter of Recommendation from our end.  
  • Each Deliberator will be provided a flat 50% rebate in fees for our Research Methodology and Public Policy Primer Courses.
  • Each Deliberator will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation.
  • Each Deliberator will be eligible to receive a Concession in Fees and First Preference for successive Deliberations of The Policy Troupe.

Fees: Rs 3800 per Participant. [This is inclusive of Registration, Certificate, Deliberator Kit, Food (three meals per day) and Accommodation, which will be provided from our end. The participants will need to make travel arrangements to reach the venue on their own.]

The details for payment will be shared with the Selected Candidates.

The detailed itinerary for the Event will be shared with the selected participants.

Contact Details:

Email ID: [email protected]

Contact Numbers: +91-8448922751 | +91-7042068202 | +91-9929451140