Cyber Law is the law governing computers and the Internet. In today’s highly digitalized world, almost everyone is affected by cyber law.


  • All transactions in shares are in demat form.
  • All companies depend upon technology.
  • Government forms are now filed online.
  • Credit cards usage is booming.
  • E-commerce is growing rapidly.
  • Most people are using email, cell phones.
  • Even “non-cyber crime” cases, involve digital evidence.
  • Cyber crime cases are becoming common.
  • Digital signatures usage is increasing.

Diploma in Cyber Law is a basic level knowledge oriented course in Indian cyber law.Cyber Law encompasses eCommerce Law, Intellectual Property & Cyberspace and Cyber Crime Law..


  • Eligibility:

         HSC or equivalent.


  • Mode:
  1. This course is currently available in DIGITAL MODE in India.
  2. This course is available in CLASSROOM  MODE in Mumbai,India.


  • Fee:
  1. Digital Mode :- Rs.3,600/- (Three Thousand Six Hundred only)
  2. Classroom Mode :- Rs.4,600/- (Four Thousand Six Hundred only)


  • Certificate:

On successfully completing the course, the candidate will receive the certificate  jointly issued by Government Law College, Mumbai and Asian School of Cyber Laws.



  • For further details visit the website:-


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