LAW Learners 1st Amendment Writing Competition on Constitutional LAW


Competitions are a part of life which can never be done away with.

With this thought, we aim at offering creative and innovating competitions for all. The competitions shall be open for all irrespective of any eligibility criteria. Law students, non- law students, legal jurists, legal as well as non-legal professionals, esteemed members of academia – legal or non-legal and literally anyone in the country may choose to participate in our regularly organised competitions.

LAW Learner’s 1st Amendment Writing Competition on Constitutional Law

Law Learners presents to you the 1st Competition of the season. Law Learners 1st Amendment Writing Competition. Alongside providing Certificate Courses, we are simultaneously organising the competition. We aim that this competition enhances your argumentative capacity, logics, and you get more profound with legal knowledge along with developing new insights to self-interpretation.

We are organizing this first of its kind Constitutional Amendment Writing Competition to enhance the practical thinking capacity of the participants. We wish to instill in our family, the ability to comprehend the situational demands of the society, and come up with new measures of problem solving. Being the future of the Nation, we wish to make our youths believe that their Ideas Count. Who knows, the hub of talents, thoughts and creativity may solve the issues whose practical solution might have never been thought of before.

And yes we again make you informed that ALL the Participations in The LAW Learners including the Competition are FREE, along with various rewards set aside for the best performers.

So hurry up and be a part of our journey to IGNITING MINDS!

Eligibility – Anyone is eligible to participate in the Competition and express their views and thoughts. There is no bar on eligibility. We encourage anyone to participate without any restrictions.


Registration Fees – NIL

Competition Proposition

The Competition runs on a way simple line of Action.

“You are given a veto power of making any one Constitutional Amendment to the Indian Constitution. This amendment may include any sort of addition/ amendment/ omission to the existing Articles or insertion of an altogether new Article to the Constitution. In the mentioned scenario, what would be the amendment that you shall come up with and Why?”

We however wish to put to your notice that you shall insert ONLY ONE Amendment to ONLY ONE Article of the Constitution, or can alternatively insert ONLY ONE New Article (Along with its Article Number) to the Constitution.

Word limit

MINIMUM :- 200

MAXIMUM :- 500

We expect you to be to the point and choose your words wisely enough so that only relevant content reaches us.

How to Submit – You may Choose to Apply Here by filling up the Application Form. If any problem persists in the Application Form, you can simply mail us your submissions with your personal details i.e. Name, Contact Details, Designation and Institution [if any].


Judgement Criteria – All the participants will be adjudged out of 50 marks which shall be divided as follows :- UPDATE

Utility for the society – 20

New Ideas – 15

Strength of the Argument – 15


Competition Start Date – 10 June ‘18

Submission Deadline – 30 August‘18

Personalized Reviews – 18 September ‘18

Result Declaration – 20 September ‘18

Prizes Disbursement – 30 September ‘18

Review – All the participants shall receive a personalized review regarding their submission, via mail on or before 18th August 2018.

Rewards – Our top 10 participants receive :-

Gold Medal

Certificate of Excellence

Free Publication in our Journal

Internship Opportunity

Publication in Newspapers and Magazines



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