CLE Essay Writing Competition 2017 [Prizes Worth Rs. 15,000]: Submit by Jan 25

About the Competition

The Centre for Law & Economics, National University of Advanced Legal Studies, is organizing National Level Essay Writing Competition, 2016.


 The competition aims at encouraging the young minds to focus on the changes made in the legal landscape of Indian Economy.

 The main objective of the Competition is to provide a platform for expressing, realizing and contextualizing the various issues regarding the topic of Subsidy Reform in India.

 Further it endeavors to encourage and promote creative, logical thinking and knowledge about understanding the current issues faced by a large scale of society.

Theme of the Competition

Role of Subsidy in Economic and Social Development of India: – Need for Subsidy Reforms.

Eligibility Criteria and Rules for the Competition

 The competition is open to the students pursuing undergraduate (BA LLB/ BA/B.Sc/B.Com/BBA) or any other undergraduate and postgraduate courses (MA/LLM//MSc/MPhil/PhD) in any university/college across India.

Registration Fee

There is no registration fee for the competition.

Submission Guidelines

 Submissions are to be made in electronic form only and are to be sent to [email protected]

 The essay must contain an abstract, not exceeding 300 words, laying down clearly the topic covered and tentative conclusions.

 The Essay should not be more than 3000 words exclusive of abstract and footnotes.

 No hard copy submissions are required.

 Co-authorship of up to two authors is permitted.

 Participants must submit an original and unpublished paper written in English.

 All submissions must be original and bona fide work of the participants.

 The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify submissions plagiarized in whole or in part.

 The cover page should include Name, Address, e-mail id, Contact number and name of the College/University along with address and class of the Participant.

In case of co-authorship, the covering letter should include details of both the authors.

Formatting Guidelines

 All submissions must follow the Bluebook system of citation 19th edition.

 The Submissions are to be made in Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Line spacing: 1.5, Footnote size: 10.

 Submissions may be made in .doc/.docx/.odt formats only.


The last date to submit essays for the competition is 25th January, 2017.

Awards and Prizes

The following awards shall be given out for the best performances:

1st Prize – Rs. 7500/- Cash and Certificate of Participation.

2nd Prize – Rs. 5000/- Cash and Certificate of Participation.

3rd Prize – Rs. 2500/- Cash and Certificate of Participation.

Evaluation Criteria

 All submissions shall go through a two-stage evaluation process:

o Preliminary Review: All essays would first go through a preliminary evaluation by a panel of anonymous experts.

o Final Review: The top essays that qualify the Preliminary Review stage with the number depending on the total number of entries, will be submitted for Review to a panel.

o Evaluation from the Final Review will be determinant of the winners of the Competition.

o All evaluations will be conducted via a blind review mechanism.

o The decision of the panels with regards to evaluation of the essay shall be final and not subject to any kind of review/appeal.

The essay shall be marked on the following criteria for both stages:

Criterion Marks

Novelty and Originality of Idea

Quality of Research: 35

Argumentation: 30

Structure and Overall Presentation: 15

Conformity with formatting/footnoting guidelines: 10

Total: 100

For any clarifications or queries, contact us

Centre for Law and Economics, NUALS, Kochi

E-mail id: [email protected]

Organising Committee

 Raveendra kumar D, Assistant Professor, NUALS Kochi

Email id: [email protected]

Mobile No: 9847053886

 Akhil V Menon, Student Coordinator, CLE

Email id: [email protected]

Mobile No: 9539686568