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CULR is currently soliciting submissions for Vol: XXXVIII which will be published in December 2014. The Editorial Board of CULR invites submissions from academicians, practitioners, students, researchers and experts in the field of law. We prefer papers that show a thorough research and a well articulated position.

CULR invites manuscripts under the following categories:

  1. Articles: Between 12000 and 16000 words
  2. Notes & comments: Between 6000 and 8000words
  3. Book Review: Between 2000 and 4000 words

Submission Deadline

The last date for submission of manuscripts is 20th August 2014.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be mailed to [email protected]

All submissions must be made in Word format (.doc)/(.docx)

All submissions must be accompanied with a cover letter stating the title of the manuscript, name and details of the author/authors and author’s contact details.

The cover letter should state that the article is original and has never appeared in any other publication.

An abstract of 250 words shall be sent along with the manuscript.

The manuscript should not contain the name and details of the author/authors.

Co-authorship of a maximum of two persons is allowed.

Proper acknowledgment must be given for such use of other materials in the submitted article.

The Board of editors may make such last minute changes that are necessary to meet the requirements of space and format.

The decision on publication will be intimated within two months after the submission deadline.

Formatting Guidelines

All submissions must conform to Chicago style of referencing.

The font shall be in Times New Roman of font size 12 with a line spacing of 1.5. The footnotes shall be in Times New Roman of font size 10 with a line spacing of 1


All queries are requested to be addressed to the Editor, Cochin University Law Review, School of Legal Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi 22, Kerala

Contact details:

Ms. Aswathy M.N., [email protected], 9446804780

Cyriac Tom, [email protected], 9446494974

D’Cruz Anisha D., [email protected][email protected], 8129857103

Neha Susan, [email protected], 8547006933

Vishnu Chandran, [email protected], 9400961797

Aneesh Thottathil, [email protected], 9746034020

Ashwathy Menon, [email protected], 9747270750

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