Call for submission: Urbanuslex journal (online) Wisdom Crux [ISSN-2456-6233]: Submit by July 25, 2017.


Wisdom Crux ( ) is a free access knowledge Journal which give opportunities to all intellectuals to express their individuality. The focus of the Wisdom Crux is to promote the maiden content writers and to showcase their unique thoughts to the public at large. With our free access policy any one can reach the published contents without any hassle on this e-journal.

“Wisdom Crux = A body of knowledge and wise thinking”

Wisdom crux is a effort of Law Times Journal – India’s No-1 Legal knowledge portal (www.lawtimesjournal) to give platform to writers to put their ideology and different thinking in front of society in the form of Articles and research papers.

The articles, research papers and notes which get published on Wisdom Crux will receive a certificate of excellence from Wisdom Crux & Law Times Journal.

Legal Mirror operates without any theme; Any topic related to law is acceptable.

Wisdom Crux is an Online Journal “” and thus the Contributors will be provided with the journal issue in e-copy (pdf) on e-mail ID.

WORD LIMIT (Tentative)
1.      Articles (3000-5000 words including footnotes)
2.      Short Notes (2000-3000 words including footnotes)
3.      Book Reviews (1000-2000 words including footnotes)
4.      Case Commentaries (1000-3000 words including footnotes)

CERTIFICATE: The contributors will receive the journal issue in e-copy on e-mail ID & a certificate of publication through Speed-Post.


  1. The title of the research paper should be appropriate.
  2. The research paper should be original and unpublished work.
  3. The paper should not be plagiarized, and free from grammatical, spelling and other errors.
  4. Co-authorship is allowed subject to a maximum of two.
  5. Full names of all the authors must be given.
  6. The author(s) may follow any uniform method for citation.
  7. The body of the paper shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes should be in Times New Roman, size 10 single line spacing
  8. A margin of 4 centimeters should be left on all sides of the paper.
  9. Page borders should not be used.


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