Call for Papers: NLU O Journal of Banking and Insurance Laws (Abstract by August 15)


Call for Papers

Journal of Banking and Insurance Laws (JBIL) will be a peer- reviewed journal and will be published bi-annually by the Centre for BIL, NLU Odisha. JBIL aims to further the objectives of CBIL via promoting the research which is academic in nature as well as can pave way for relevant law reforms in future

Thematic areas for Submission to JBIL’s Inaugural Issue:

a. Recovery of debts by banks: laws, policy and judicial response

b. International banking law regime and practices

c. Banking disputes resolution mechanism

d. Insurance and Regulatory Environment

e. Ethics and Corporate Governance: Banking & Insurance Business

f. Marine Insurance: Legal Infrastructure

g. Health Insurance: Emerging law & policy

For further Submission details-


JBIL invites contributions in the form of original articles, case comments, and book reviews.

Authors should provide their contact details, and institutional affiliation in the covering

letter for the submission. Kindly submit your contributions (in Microsoft Word, 2003

format) and direct any queries at


Articles are lengthy contributions that provide comprehensive analysis on legal themes.

They may be doctrinal or theoretical or both; and deal with relevant literature on the chosen

subject to devise viable assertions in an expansive manner. Article discussing recent

developments in the concerned field will be eligible for submission.


Case Comments are pieces which seek to either support or critique contemporary judicial

decisions. Such decisions may be Indian or foreign. Ideally, a Case Comment should contain

an analysis of a Judgment, the precise context in which that Judgment has been delivered, its

contribution to/ digression from existing law and an up–to– date and conversant comment

on the judicial process involved.


A book review is a description, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality, meaning,

and significance of a book, not retelling. It should focus on the book’s purpose, content, and

authority. Book review of a recently published book will be preferred.


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1. The word limit (excluding footnotes) for different categories is as mentioned below:

 Abstract: 500 words

 Articles: 4,000 – 6,000 words

 Case Commentary: 1500- 2000 words

 Book Review- 1500- 2000 words

2. Spacing: 1.5

3. Font Type: Times New Roman

4. Font Size: 12

Citation Format

Authors are strongly encouraged to use The Bluebook (19th ed.) citation format for

footnoting. Keeping in mind the specifications of The Bluebook, speaking footnotes are

discouraged.(Journal with ISSN)

Centre for Banking and Insurance Laws (CBIL), NLUO

Joint Contributions

Joint submissions by two contributors are permitted. However, the number of authors for a

single contribution cannot exceed two under any circumstance.

Review Process– The following review process may kindly be noted by the authors:

Upon receipt, an article will undergo a review for legal and substantive content and edited.

The edited article if necessary may be then returned for author review. Deadline pressures

often make it impossible to submit final typeset proofs to authors, and several minor

corrections typically are made at this stage. The editors reserve the right to make deletions to

conform to space limitations. Subheads also may be altered at final stages.

Prior Publication– Simultaneous submission of manuscripts to other publications is

discouraged and must be brought to the attention of the JBIL Editor-in-Chief. Unless

otherwise clearly noted, all manuscripts are expected to be original.


Submission of an Abstract 15th August, 2014

Submission of full paper 15th September, 2014

Note: Abstracts and Articles submitted shall be subject to plagiarism check.



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