Call for Papers: HNLU Student Bar Journal : Submit by August 16 2017.


TheWeekly, a Student Editorial Board initiative, intends to provide an open platform for the students of HNLU to express their views and opinions on evolving matters of law and policy. While this blog will serve as a means to keep students updated, it is not a news bulletin. Its primary purpose is to discuss and debate, in some level of detail, issues of contemporary importance in the field of law and allied subjects. The subject matter of this blog will purposefully remain wide and accommodating in order to allow its contributors to exercise the greatest amount of flexibility in choosing the theme, style and content of their submissions (see submission guidelines). We hope that this blog impresses upon its readers the importance of relevant academic output and encourages them to contribute.

The HNLU Student Bar Journal is an initiative of the Editorial Board Committee which is tasked with publishing journals on behalf of the university.

The Student Bar Journal is student edited and publishes articles, essays and case comments on legal topics of contemporary importance. Apart from the Journal, the Editorial Board also publishes on its blog- The HNLU Weekly and is responsible for publishing  articles received during the course of conferences or seminars that may be conducted by HNLU.


This journal is being published with the objective of providing a platform for students, jurists, academicians, research scholars and legal practitioners to express their views on topics of contemporary significance in law and allied fields.

We solicit contributions in the form of articles, essays and case-comments.

Please note that the journal will only be published online.

Categories of Submissions

1. Long Articles– 4000 to 6000 words.

2. Essays/ legislative comments– 2000-4000 words.

3. Case Comments- up to 2500 words.

The word limit is inclusive of footnotes.

Submission guidelines are available here.


August 16, 2017


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