Center for Social Justice has been set up as a research centre to allow free expression of ideas  and thoughts upon the issues that affect the closely inter-woven fabric of law and society in any manner whatsoever. The Centre as a part of its aim and object wishes to provide a platform whereby these views can be expressed and discussed upon after it comes to the knowledge of the society at large. As the Centre has been striving hard to promote awareness amongst the law as well as non-law community upon the various social issues relating to injustice and intervention that it requires, so the need was felt to encourage academicians, advocates as well as law and non-law professionals and most importantly students to pen down their thoughts and manner in which they feel the problems now faced by the society can be resolved. In order to realize this high ambition and also due to the constant encouragement provided by the Institute, the Centre has decided to launch the Journal for Centre of Social Justice (JCSJ)  and seeks contributions from all the academicians, advocates, law as well as non-law professionals and students for its flagship issue. The details for the submission are provided as hereunder:

Themes for Submission:

The recent spate of rape incidents and in light of such a situation the stand taken by the Parliament to draft a law that would go on to ensure the protection of women has had their own share of criticism. The drastic changes expected in the law including the judgment of the Court upon the Delhi Rape case as well as the Bijal Patel rape case, lays down the backdrop for the first issue which shall focus upon the vulnerability of the she-gender and expect contributions upon the following themes in relation to Women. Areas of interest for this journal issue include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

1. Crimes against women and challenges in abolishing the crimes

2. Role of Legal Education in empowering women

3. Marginalization of women in the society

4. Women and Men: Issue of Gender discrimination


Submission Format:

The main text should be in font size 12 and footnotes in font size 10 with no space. All  submissions must be word processed, and compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007. The Review uses only footnotes (and not end-notes) as a method of citation.

Submissions must confirm to the OSCOLA system of citation. Editorial Committee strongly

recommends electronic submissions only. Please submit the abstract to  [email protected] indicating which theme your paper is intended for on or before

March 15th 2013. All submissions should contain the following details:

Name of the author,

Professional information,

The title of the manuscript, and contact information.

The abstract should not be more than 300 words consisting of at least three keywords bearing

significance and relevance to the main article and the final submission should be within 6000  words.

  • · Author’s name should be reflected immediately below the title of the paper with font 12

size Times New Roman, italicized and

  • · Professional information including e-mail id must be reflected at the footnote.


The title must be font size 14 (Times New Roman bold and underlined). The inside captions/headings must be font size 12 Times New Roman and bold only. The write up must reach through e-mail to [email protected] on or before April 4th 2013.

Deadlines for submission:



March 20th 2013


April 4th 2013


April 15th 2013

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Mr. Victor Nayak, Faculty Advisor ([email protected])

Mr. Tarpit Patni, Chaiperson ([email protected])

For further details: Click here.

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