Call for Papers: ITMU Seminar on ‘Emerging Challenges in International Law’ [May 18]; Submit by April 15.



ITMU Law School is conducting its first seminar on International Law.

The seminar serves as an endeavor to congregate stalwarts in International Law alongside students and academicians who are keen on

pursuing a path to expertise in this field. During the course of their presentations, paper presenters are requested not to elaborate on

historical perspectives unless they are highly significant.

TOPIC : ‘Emerging Challenges in International law’, which also constitutes the fundamental premise of the program shall

be addressed on the basis of the following themes, all of which shall be discussed in parallel sessions:

  • Reform of UN Charter
  • Enforcement of Human Rights
  • International Rule of Law
  • Respect for International Humanitarian Law
  • Third world approach to reform of International Law
  • Diplomacy and Diplomatic Immunity

The sub-themes for the seminar include (but not confined to) the following areas;

.1      Restructuring of the United Nations Security Council
2.      Role of UN Peace Keeping Force
3.      Right to Pre-emptive Attack
4.      International Law, Geo-politics and Regional Alliances
5.      Position of individuals as subjects of International Law
6.      Enforcement of International Bill of Rights
7.      Instant Customary International Law
8.      Rule of Law in the International arena
9.      Diplomacy in the era globalization
10.     Limits of Diplomatic Immunity and Inviolability
11.     Third World Approach to reform of International Law
12.     International Criminal Court and implementation of Rome Statute
13.     Limitations of Jurisdiction of ICJ
14.     Nuclear non-proliferation
15.     Terrorism
16.     Food Security
17.     Energy Security
18.     Security and Protection of Environment

NOTE: While authors are welcome to go beyond the suggested sub-themes, kindly be advised that articles are expected not to go beyond the fundamental theme of the seminar.

Sub-themes highlighted herein are to be treated and addressed as ‘Research Topics’ leading to intellectual discussion and debate.


  • Deadline of Abstract Submission : 15th April, 2013
  • Notification of Acceptance : 1st May, 2013
  • Deadline of Full Paper Submission : 6th May, 2013
  • Conference Date : 18th May 2013

Submission Format:

Abstracts have to be emailed to the following: [email protected], Cc to [email protected] After acceptance of the abstract,

the full paper should also be sent to the same email-ids.

  • Registration Fees for Paper Presenters: Rs.500
  • Registration Fees for Participants: Rs.500

Contact Person:   Dr. Sunod M. Jacob

For Details, click  here.

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