Workshop on Property, Vulnerability, and Resilience: September 22-23, 2017; University of Essex, United Kingdom; Submit by June 19

About the Workshop

The UK, the US and other ‘advanced democracies’ are currently experiencing a period of significant political turmoil and change. “Property is imbricated in the heart of these challenges.  While much of the public discourse has focused on the role of globalization in fueling the rise of right-wing populism, working-class disaffection, polarization and inequality, little attention has been paid to the role that property law has played in implementing the new politics of exclusion, identity and marginalization.”

This workshop will explore what role Vulnerability Theory can play in understanding how property ownership has sharpened an insider-outsider culture and contributed to our current political climate.  Property laws, and the policies that they give effect to, have long channeled the benefits of full citizenship through one’s relationship to property.

Property Law as workshop topic

These debates are underpinned by critical questions about property law’s role and function: should it understand and make the best out of available material; achieve or support change in a progressive (or progressive but incremental way); or contribute to, or at least not actively prevent, progress towards greater resilience.

Justifications for property law, and its role in maintaining the property status quo, are rooted in fundamental claims about stabilizing the political, social and economic order. This workshop will explore the role of property law and property theory in supporting the production of resilience. Participants are invited to reflect on how the processes of political polarization around ‘property citizenship’ shape, and are shaped by, property-based responses to human and institutional vulnerability.  We are interested in receiving submissions that explore questions around property exclusion, property as resilience, and the actualization of vulnerability as manifested in settings from mortgage repossession and tenancy evictions to precarious occupation arrangements and homelessness.  The workshop will also consider how property-based strategies of resilience may enable the vulnerable subject to mitigate its position as a ‘property outsider’, marginalized or excluded from the privilege of property.

Submission Procedure

Email a proposal as a Word or PDF document by June 19, 2017 to Rachel Ezrol ([email protected]) and Cat Gentry ([email protected]). 

Decisions will be made by June 30, 2017 and working paper drafts will be due 

September 1, 2017 so they can be duplicated and distributed prior to the Workshop.

Working Contacts

Lorna Fox O’ Mahony, [email protected] , Martha Albertson Fineman, [email protected] , I Stu Marvel, [email protected] , I Marc Roark, [email protected]

Working Details

The Workshop begins Friday at 4 PM at the University of Essex. Dinner will follow Friday’s session.  Panels continue on Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM; breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Submission Deadline

19th June 2017

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