International Conference on Gender Equality through the Strategy of Gender Mainstreaming September 6-7, 2018


Conference Mandate and Rationale:

In all societies women’s and men’s role are socially constructed, but with frequently gender based disparities that disadvantage women; this impedes their development and hence that of mankind. For example, women end to suffer violence at the hands of their intimate partners more often than men; women’s political participant on and their representation in decision making structures lag behind men’s; women and men have different economic opportunities; women are over represented among the poor and women and girls make up the majority of the people trafficked and involved in sex trade. It is therefore clear that there are, global patterns to inequality. These issues and others need to be addressed to promote gender equality. Achieving gender equality between men and women will require changes at many levels including changes in attitudes and relationships, changes in institutions and legal frameworks, changes in economic institutions and changes in political decision making structures.

Gender mainstreaming is one strategy that is embraced internationally towards realizing gender equality. It involves integration of a gender perspective into the preparation, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, regulatory measures and spending programmes with a view to promoting equality between women and men, and combating discrimination. Though gender is used as a catch all term in many contexts, to describe a range of issues in an apolitical way, it is often understood as being only about women’s needs, rather than about the unequal social relationships between women and men that are invested with power. Working for sustainability therefore, presents opportunities to not only acknowledge global inequalities but to contribute to social and gender transformation.

Themes :
1. Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Development.
2. Gender Equality, Human Rights and Peace for Sustainable Development.
3. Gender Equality and Health for Sustainable Development
4. Gender Equality and Education for Sustainable Development
5. Gender & Social Sustainability
6. Gender and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development.
7. Cross Cutting Themes on Sustainable Development.
8. Engagement of men in achieving gender equality.


Registration Fee (excluding Accommodation):
INR 2000/- for faculty delegates (India)
INR 1000/- for students & research scholars
US $ 100 for foreign delegates.

Accommodation & Transport: Transport from & to Yelahanka, Bangalore will be arranged on both days of the conference. Assistance will also be provided for accommodation; however the accommodation cost will be met by the participant.

Important Dates:
Abstracts submission 31st May 2018
Abstracts acceptance 15th June 2018
Full paper submission 30th June 2018
Review comments 15th July 2018
Final submission 31st July 2018
Last date for registration for the Conference 31st July 2018

Official Brochure: Download here


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