GNLU International Conference on “Modern Corporate Laws: Understanding the Dynamism” on 5th and 6th October


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With the rising competition in the corporate world, the increasing numbers of shareholders, the emerging financial market, the modern corporate world is subject to multifarious issues and concerns. There are endless questions to the issues and challenges of modern corporate laws without any answers.

Corporate laws across the world confront unprecedented challenges as companies do business in varying economic, technological, social, cultural and legal environment. Every now and then, companies are found involved in one scam or the other in different nations. The varying experiences with companies are shaping the global discourse on corporate governance. Nevertheless, it has repeatedly dented the confidence of investors in the securities market in particular. In emerging economies, market regulators are given mandate to engage in the task of generating confidence of the investor as well as encourage prospective investors also to invest in the securities market amidst lower level of financial literacy.

With the aim to grapple with the multifarious concerns and realities for a reform in the corporate governance, development of securities market and corporate restructuring, this conference has been well thought-out to address reforms in the corporate governance, emerging dimension of corporate social responsibility, protection of securities market and the challenges to corporate restructuring.

The purpose of the two day conference is to explore possibilities of convergence and appreciation of divergence, and at times conflicting perceptions and views on the proposed themes.


Following are the themes for Call for Papers:

  1.  Corporate Governance- Competing Models and Possibility of Convergence
  2. Development of Securities Market: Improving Accessibility, Spreading Prosperity & Inspiring Confidence
  3. Corporate Restructuring : Driving factor for Corporate Growth- Revisiting in borders and beyond


  • Submission of Abstracts                         : 5th July,2013
  • Declaration of selection of abstracts : 10th July,2013
  • Submission of full papers                       : 10th September,2013
  • Registration closes on                             : 25th September,2013


Entries should have a cover page containing the following:

  • Full name & Designation
  • Institution/Organization/University & Professional/Educational details; and Email address & telephone number.

Entries should be submitted in .doc format with the following specifications:

  • Font Type : Garamond
  • Spacing : 1.5 inch spacing
  • Font Size:  Title16 points ,Subtitle:14 points and Text:12 points.
  • Citation Method: Chicago Manual of Style (15th Edition).
  • Word Limit: 3000

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