Call for Papers- Asian Journal of Legal Education-NUJS Kolkata


The Journal (Asian Journal of Legal Education) primarily aims to promote continuous academic research and dialogue among the legal fraternity about the reform of legal education in the Asian Region. Sharing of experiences and concerns about issues involving pedagogy of law, legal aid, promoting access to justice by law schools and experiential learning of law to strengthen efforts of justice education will be of great interest for the Journal.

The Journal will cover the issues of legal education reform in relation to clinical legal education, legal research methodology, social change, poverty and development, and impact of globalization on law.

The Editorial advisory board of the Journal comprises of renowned legal scholars from India, U.S.A., U.K., South Africa, Israel, Thailand, China and Bangladesh.


Manuscripts and all editorial correspondence should be addressed electronically to:

Prof. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Editor, Asian Journal of Legal Education.

Manuscripts must be in English and should be sent by email to: [email protected]

The preferred maximum length for Article is 7000-8000 words, Essay 5000-6000 words, Note / Comment 3000-4000 words and Book Review 1500-2500 words including abstract (200-250 words) and footnote.

 Contributors must provide a separate Title Page containing the manuscript title, names, affiliations, e-mail and postal addresses of all the contributing authors.

Contributors must provide a cover letter to accompany the manuscript submission. Cover letter should include the following statements:

a. I confirm that the citations in the attached manuscript are accurate.
b. I confirm that I have read the submission policy and that my manuscript complies with the journal’s submission policy.
c. I confirm that any part of the manuscript does not violate copyright of others.

 Use ‘z’ spellings instead of ‘s’ spellings. This means that words ending with ‘-ise’, ‘isation’, etc., will be spelt with ‘z’ (e.g., ‘recognize’, ‘organize’, ‘civilize’).

Use British spellings in all cases rather than American spellings (hence, ‘programme’ not ‘program’, ‘labour’ not ‘labor’, and ‘centre’ and not ‘center’).

Reference as per The Bluebook (19th Ed.)

For detailed submission guidelines and selection Procedure click here.