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  • About ReOrient

ReOrient has been started with the one purpose of documenting the fast moving changes and providing solutions as social engineers assisting in the legal developments required of this country. ReOrient every month picks up a key area affecting the lives of the citizens of the country, explore the existing laws and suggest what new legislative developments are required to ensure further strengthening of the legal fabric of the country.

The idea is to be innovative, take ground realities, explore them and provide what laws can best address the impediments that plaque them. It includes analyzing legal systems around the globe, perceiving how similar issues are addressed in different countries and adopting what may be best suited to our unique social and legal fabric.

  • Invite for Articles:

The basic aim behind a legal magazine is that the perspectives are fresh and innovative. As such it gives us immense pleasure in inviting articles ranging from 1000-2000 words for the April Issue of ReOrient on the theme “Corporate Governance in India: Role Legislation can play.”

It is imperative to note here that we are looking for innovative take on the existing regimes, as such it is important that writers keep that in perspective while working on this theme. Corporate Governance is only regulated in India by the SEBI provisions where pragmatically to make India the investment and manufacturing hub we envisage it is important to ensure that the business environment is conducive, inviting and at par with global standards.

India is notoriously famous for corruption and the recent scams are not helping the image of the country. As such it is of prime importance that the key tenets of corporate governance, that is transparency and accountability are knitted implicitly in the way business functions in this country. For that we require stronger legislation.

The articles need to condense what these legislations should be and how we should go about it. That is the meaning behind having this theme as our April Issue.

Last Date to Submit: March 18, 2018

  • Important Guidelines
  1. The work submitted shall be original and unpublished. Plagiarism of any kind is not allowed.
  2. Maximum Co-Authorship of two persons is allowed.
  3. The title of the article should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 16, Bold and Center-Aligned followed by the names of the authors along with their Affiliations in Size 12 as Footnotes.
  4. A margin of 1 inch (2.54 cm) should be left on all the sides.
  5. The articles reviews submitted should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 12, line spacing 1.5’; Justified.
  6. The manuscripts should be submitted online in MS Word format.
  7. Article should not exceed 1000 words.

Contributors are requested to choose a topic revolving around this theme and submit it here.

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