Call For Papers: SPIL, Government Law College, Mumbai-Submissions for the International Law Annual, 2013



For all those interested in  international law, here’s a head’s up about the “International Law Annual’ courtesy SPIL, Government Law College Mumbai.

The International Law Annual is a yearly publication of the Students for the Promotion of International Law, Mumbai, the ILSA chapter of the Government Law College, Mumbai.

The International Law Annual comprises literature on the myriad aspects of International Law through an engaging confluence of short articles, analytic works on landmark cases, interviews with legal luminaries on contemporary issues, discussions and analysis on international legislation, and book reviews.

SPIL welcomes original academic work on contemporary developments in Public International Law in keeping with the following guidelines for publication in the International Law Annual, 2013.

Guidelines for submission are:

Font size -10

Font-Times New Roman

Both footnotes and endnotes are permitted.

All Citations must be in accordance with the Blue Book system of Citation (19th Edition).

A maximum of two authors are permitted to collaborate on a particular submission

Last date for submissions is 15th November, 2013.

For further details contact:

Amal Sethi-+91-9820087093

[email protected]