Call for Papers : National Seminar on Violence against Women


PLACE: Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla

DURATION: 21st & 22nd August, 2013


  1. To raise awareness on the issue of gender-violence and analyse the causes and factors of violence against women.
  2. To analyse how the violence against women impacts the lives of women victims, their families and society.
  3. To identify educational and social strategies to address the issue.
  4. To collect, share and develop innovative responses and best practices for elimination and prevention of violence against women.
  5. To give recommendations and concrete proposals for action for elimination and prevention of violence against women.

THEME: Violence against Women

  1. Eve-teasing, Molestation, Sexual Abuse and Rape
  2. Forced Prostitution and Trafficking of Woman and the Girl Child
  3. Sexual Harassment and Abuse at the Workplace
  4. Domestic Violence and Honour Based Violence
  5. Cyber-Crime against Women
  6. Image of Women in the Media

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Academicians, researchers, representatives of the Civil Society and Student research scholars.


  1. Full paper along with an abstract not exceeding 500 words must be sent by email attachment.
  2. Only abstracts (without full paper) will not be accepted.
  3. The Sub-Theme being taken up in the research paper must be specified.
  4. All the submissions must be made in word format, preferably in 12 font size, Times New Roman (with 14 Font size for titles) in A4 size format with 1.5 line spacing.
  5. Paper submission must accompany a certificate by the author(s) that the paper is his/her original work and has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Authors are requested to submit full papers along with their abstract on or before 5th August, 2013.


  • Submission of Abstract and Full Paper: 5th August, 2013
  • Confirmation of Acceptance of the Paper: 12th August, 2013
  • Suggestions and Feedback, if any: 12th August, 2013
  • Submission of Final Paper for Circulation: 17th August, 2013

WHERE TO SUBMIT? All papers are to be sent on the ID:  [email protected]

[NOTE:  The manuscripts will be reviewed by review panel. The decision of the reviewers will be final and binding. The decision of the reviewers on the acceptability of the paper will be intimated by 12th August, 2013 through email only.]

BEST PAPER AWARD: A Panel of Experts on Best Paper Awards will consider outstanding presentations for
several designated awards.

REGISTRATION:  Registration: Registration is compulsory for all the participants. The registration form duly filled in must be sent along with the research paper. Student Delegates need to get the registration form forwarded and recommended by the Supervisor/ HOD/ Principal.

Registration Fee Structure:

  • DELEGATES: Before 17th August – Rs. 1,000/- AND after 17th August- Rs. 1,200/-
  • STUDENTS: Before 17th August – Rs. 500/- AND after 17th August- Rs.700/-

However, the Registration Fee will be payable only after acceptance of the research paper. The authors will be notified on the mode of payment of registration fees including the bank details for online transfer once their paper is accepted for presentation. All the authors
for each paper must be registered.

ACCOMMODATION: Limited modest accommodation is available for out-station delegates attending the seminar. However, luxury accommodation can be arranged on request made well in time and will have to be paid for separately by the delegate.

LOCAL HOSPITALITY: Lunch and refreshments (snacks and tea/coffee) during the two days of the seminar will be provided by the organizers. The delegates are expected to take care of any additional expenditure incurred by them.

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