Call for Papers: National Seminar on Society, Governance and Police – India in the Post Millennium Period












DATE: 18th -19th November, 2013

VENUE: Vidyasagar Sabhagriha,University of Kalyani, Kalyani, Nadia-741235, West Bengal, India.

ORGANIZER: Department of Political Science, University of Kalyani in collaboration with Maulana Azad Institute of Asian Studies

Nowadays, the citizens of India carry with them a very poor opinion about the Police –a very important institution of governance in India. Though  the Police in India have played a pronominal role in the process of governance since independence,yet the ruling elite and middle class citizens see them as political decoys and blame them for not playing their rightful roles in the process of governance. There is a grim lack of trust in and understanding of the nature and functions of the police in India. Urban criminality, organized crime, women & drug trafficking, human rights violation, cyber  crimes, disaster management and above all the threat of Global terrorism are some of the burning issues which need a critical deliberation.

There is a need to confabulate on how the Indian Policies constantly evolving itself to face these new challenges. Today the Indian Police is trying to constantly engage itself with the civil society. Globalization has also thrown up new threats and challenges to the Police in India. Moreover, the time has come to audit and evaluate police performance in India so that it can be re-organized and re-structured to ensure good governance.

Therefore, the 2-day national seminar would be providing a platform for discussion of the present scenario ,sharing of views, research findings and therein providing with alternate policy options to make the police more effective in the process of governance in India.


  • Academics/researchers
  • Civil servants
  •  Journalists
  • Advocates
  • Rights’ groups & activists
  • Trade union leaders


  • Police and Human Rights in India
  • Police Reforms
  • Community Policing
  • Crime Prevention –New Dimensions
  • Terrorism and Policing
  • Role of Police in Disaster Management
  • Cyber Terrorism and Police
  • Police Training in the New Millennium
  • Police Personnel Management
  • Law and Order Administration and Police
  • Police Image
  • Changing nature of Crime and Policing in India.
  • Women Police in India.
  • Politicization of Police in India.
  • Police Corruption 

Any other topic related to the issue of Police and Society in India which has not been mentioned in the above list is also welcomed.


  • English is the official language of the conference.
  • Papers for the conference must conform to the word limit of 2000-3000 words along with an abstract of 150-200 words.
  • Please provide 3-5 key-words at the end of the abstract.Authors are requested to attribute any quote appropriately (i.e. within the text itself) so as to avoid any violation of the copyright.
  • Authors are requested to follow ‘American Psychological Association’ style sheet for the purpose of referencing .
  • All the tables and diagrams should be appropriately numbered and provided at the end of the paper.
  •  Authors are requested to use TIMES NEW ROMAN font throughout the text.
  • Title of the paper should be in font size 16 and should be centrally aligned.
  • Name of the authors and their affiliation should be placed just below the title of the paper. Name of the author should be in font size 14 and affiliation in font size 12.
  • The subheadings and the body of the text should be in font size 12.Abstract should be in font size 12.Paper should be submitted only in MS-Word format.
  • You are requested not to submit your papers in PDF.
  • The conference paper shall be published in good faith. Hence it is the liability of the author(s) to ensure originality of the paper.
  • An undertaking by the author stating that it is his/her original work and not published anywhere else or not under the consideration of any other journal/conference should be submitted along with registration form.
  • Editors of the conference publication may edit the manuscripts for clarity and reduce the length of the paper if it exceeds the word limit.Editors may also alter the title of the paper
  • .All papers should be submitted via e-mail at [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected]
  • No paper shall be considered for the conference publication after the last date of the submission is over.
  • All correspondence relating to the seminar papers should be addressed to:

Dr. Sumit Mukherjee, Professor, Mobile No -09831441665.

Dr. Shiladitya Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Mobile No. -09830092925.

Dr. Md. Ayub Mallick, Assistant Professor, Mobile no. -09474151538


  • Abstract submission:30th August, 2013
  • Full paper submission:5th November 2013

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