For your kind reference, short details of the program are as follows:


“The International Council of Jurists” (headquarters in London) is a body of jurists working towards the promotion of administration of justice and the healthy development of law, suitable to social and economic needs of the people. The Council is actively involved in organizing campaigns for legal awareness and legal information to be used as a tool for advancement of public good. The Council intends to promote rule of law and social justice by making provision of free legal aid and by maintenance of an efficient system of legal advice.

The selected students will be getting (1) Certificate; (2) Identity card (3) Free Invitation to attend International Conferences in different parts of world but will be required to purchase their travel costs.


President : Final year law student or LL.M. student

Vice-President (3) : 4th yr student of 5 yr law or 2nd yr student of 3 yr law

Gen. Secretary (3) : 3rd yr student of 5 yr law or 1st yr student of 5 yr law

Hony’ Secretary (3) : 2nd & 1st yr student of 5 yr law or 1st yr student of 5 yr law


Applications are invited for the following posts for the Students’ Division of International Council of Jurists from all Law Colleges/Universities world over on

Email “” & “” upto 16.6.2016 in the attached filled in Application Form.

Last Date:

Upto 16.6.2016

Office Bearers of International Council of Jurists:

President: Dr. Adish C Aggarwala, Senior Advocate; President, International Commission of Writers; Chairman, All India Bar Association; Ex. Vice-Chairman, Bar Council of India & Supreme Court bar Association; Ex. Addl. Advocate General of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Haryana & Punjab; Co-President: Mr. Justice Awn S Al-Khasawneh, Ex. Prime Minister of Jordan and Ex. Vice President, International Court of Justice; VicePresidents: Mr. Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, Chief Justice of Bangladesh; Mr. David Lammy, MP of UK and Ex. Minister of State for Innovation & Universities of the UK; Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Ex. Chief Justice of Pakistan; Sir James R. Mancham, Founding President of Republic of Seychelles; Prof. (Dr). Holger Matt, Chairman, European Criminal Bar Association; General Secretaries: Mr. Justice Al-Ustaad Abdullah Saeed, Chief Justice of Maldives; Mr. Justice A. Ramadhani, Judge, African Court of Common People’s Rights and Ex. Chief Justice of Tanzania; Hony’ Secretaries: Mr. Justice Andrew Nyirenda, SC, Chief Justice of Malawi; Mr. Justice Alnashir Visram, Judge, Court of Appeal, High Court, Kenya; Mr. Justice James M. Farley, Ex. Judge, Supreme Court of Ontario (Canada); Mr. Pham Quoc Anh, MP, President, Vietnam Lawyers Association.

Concerned Office Bearers Of Students’ Division of International Council of Jurists:

President : Manas Dowlani ; General Secretary: Priyanka Sahasrabudhe

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