The 40th All India Sociological Conference


The Department of Sociology, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi, U.P. is going to host the 40th All India Sociological Conference (AISC) of Indian Sociological Society from November 30,2014 – December 1,2014. The main theme of the conference is  Development, Diversity & Democracy, while the sub-themes are as follows-

1. Development : Concept and Discourse
2. Development : Dilemmas, Challenges and Action
3. Diversity : Conceptual Analysis
4. Diversity : Constitutional Vision and Current Realities
5. Democracy : Governance and Society
6. Democracy : Democracy as Inclusion
7. Development of Uttar Pradesh : Challenges and Solutions


The conference invites original articles with following guidelines:
1. Two copies of the abstract of the paper in not more than 200 words should be
submitted to the concerned RC Conveners or Ad-hoc Groups preferably by e-mail in
Abstract Form latest by October 10, 2014.
2. Each abstract should carry the ISS Membership number of the participant and the
Name and Number of the RC to which it is being submitted. The ISS members
(Life/ordinary/Student) who have paid the RC membership fee (Rs 400/- for two
years and Rs 800/-for 5 years) per Research Committee are entitled to present papers
in the conference.
3. Acceptance of abstracts will be communicated by the respective RC conveners by
October 25, 2014.
4. Tables, charts, maps, figures etc., are to be placed separately at the end of the article.
Number these serially, with appropriate titles/captions.
5. Give separately the bibliographic details of all works cited in the article under
a. Referencing in the text should be as follows: (Desai, A. R 1961:84),
b. Recommended style for Bibliography is:
• Appadurai, A. 1997. Modernity at Large: Cultural dimensions of globalization. New Delhi:
Oxford University Press

The articles can be in either of the two languages- English or Hindi.


• Registration fee covers lodging, boarding and hospitality during the conference days.  Delegates are requested to meet travel and other incidental expenses from their own resources.
• The accommodation provided will be modest and on the sharing basis. Those who need exclusive accommodation are requested to make their own arrangements.

For the Registration Form, details regarding the fees and other information visit

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