1st National Challenge Essay Competition: Corporate Law Research Group [Faculty of law,DSMNRU]



The Corporate Law Research Group at Faculty of Law in collaboration with Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow proudly announces the inaugural version of ‘National Challenge Essay Competition- 2015’. Organising a first national challenge essay competition can be broad enough to inspire creativity and enhance the talent hidden within a young professional. This first national challenge essay competition can give the writers a certain starting direction or initiatives in their lives.

Deviating from the traditional approach of conducting essay competitions in the country, the Corporate Law Research Group has formulated a scheme of conducting the national challenge essay competition. The challenge essay competition is directed towards minimizing the plagiarized content publishing, uplifting standards of innovative research, integrating skills of advocacy in legal writing and towards enriching intellectual wealth among the students of law. Bringing out the first of its kinds in India, the competition has been divided into two phases i.e. essay evaluation round and challenge round.

The students are invited to conduct in-depth analysis on the themes of the essay competition, attract their strong research skills and write their observations with a harmonized approach. The basic objectives behind conducting the challenge rounds are: promoting innovative research, developing sharp research skills and advocacy skills among the students of law. The final result shall declare the First, Second and Third Prize for the entire competition.


Any One out of the following three:

1. Regulation of Micro-finance Institutions in India: Resolving the Policy Debate

2. Consolidation of Indian Banking Industry: Developing a Balanced Approach

3. Foreign Private Equity Investments in India Inc.: Addressing the Issue

Important Dates


  • Last Date for Registrations: 15 February, 2015
  • Last Date for Submission of Essays: 20 March, 2015
  • Announcement of Top 5 Entries: 10 April, 2015
  • National Challenge Rounds: 27 April, 2015
  • Declaration of Final Results: 05 May 2015
  • Publication of Winning Essays: July, 2015


For further details Visit the official website: http://clrg-group.org/national-challenge-essay-competition