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Let those who matter, Speak!!!!!


Yes, you heard that right, it’s a Debate and its Virtual. If You believe in Your ideas and believe that they matter. Speak, Let the World know what you believe and Why you believe. Let the World know that you and your words matter. For You, Lyfe & Lyberty bring this 1st Virtual Policy Debate Competition with the support from Centre for Civil Society and Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

Proposition for the Debate:

The ideas of Personal Liberty and Economic Freedom proposed by Milton Friedman can lead to social and economic reform in India


                 i.            The Top three winners will get cash prize and a Certificate. The cash prize will be: First Prize – Rs. 3000

                               Second Prize – Rs. 2000

                               Third Prize – Rs. 1000

               ii.            The Top 25 Presentation will receive a Certificate of Excellence.

The Rules of the Debate are here. Please read them carefully to acquaint yourself with the terms of registration and submission.

You need to register for the Debate by filling the form here.

After the registration you should refer to the Preparation Kit here.

Important Dates for the Competition:

Last date for Registration for the Competition is 11:59 PM (IST) on October 30, 2013.

Last Date for the Submission of the Video is 11:59 PM (IST) on November 01, 2013.


1.      What do I talk about?

You talk about the current social and economic realities of India, and the positive or the negative impact of adopting Milton Friedman’s ideas in solving these issues. The topic is as broad as it can be, you talk about what YOU feel is important to India and Indians. However, you have to explain why the sector/ institutions you have selected are important. Education, agriculture, industries, anything you want. But you need to explain why adopting policies based on Milton Friedman’s ideas would have a positive or negative impact on the sector- and by extension, the economy and the society. We are looking for an integrated approach to the debate.

2.      Why should I participate?

You should participate because you get to bring out your viewpoint to a variety of people. This is a chance to discuss Milton Friedman’s ideas and the fallacies of those ideas, something on which the discussion is still painfully low in India, despite its increasing discussion worldwide. Plus, you’ll be noticed by a large group of people, will get certificates, and possibly prize money.

3.      Prize money, wut?

Yap. This is a prized competition. J

1st prize = Rs. 3,000; 2nd prize= Rs. 2,000; 3rd prize= Rs. 1,000

And, Certificate of Excellence for the top 25 participants.

4.      Who’s going to judge this?

There would be a panel of judges. They would include entrepreneurs, change makers, people working for a social cause and bring the next wave of revolution in India. A complete list of judges will be uploaded on the site soon.

5.      Would I have to speak in support of Milton Friedman?

Of course not! The purpose is to discuss and debate, not brainwash.

Contact for Clarification: The Clarification with regard to the competition can be mailed at [email protected] .

You can also contact more about the competition in person:

Bonny Singh – +91-97-14-32-9087;          Aayushi Gupta – +91-98-73-19-7326.

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