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A38 is now accepting applications for internships from all over the world. These internships can have you work closely with literature on international law, research and articulation through the written word. We’re looking for smart, interesting, quick-thinking and versatile interns with a penchant for articulation.

 Interning with A38 will be a valuable addition to any Curriculum Vitae, especially if you are looking at an academic career, or a career in international law. The training ground for analytical writing and studying International Law that A38 is, will offer you international exposure as a savvy professional.

 Duration: 3 months

 Internship Profile:

Blogging Intern:

  •  A38 maintains a blog to ensure a steady flow of information, articles and scholarly debate.
  •  A38 is looking for four interns to man the blog for twelve weeks, with contributions in the form of one article a week.
  • These articles are expected to be previously unpublished, in pertinence to the generic field of international law, drawn upon current affairs and project room for debate, discussion and knowledge dissemination.

Other Details:

  •  Internships are unpaid positions.
  •  Internships are virtual/web-based. Renewal of terms is subject to the agreements between A38 and the intern.
  •  Interns will be welcomed to submit a paper for the Journal, which will be published (subject, only to quality control!) under the “Intern Research” column. 
  •  Interns must necessarily be tech-savvy. Correspondence through the period of internship will be via email and Skype.  
  •  Interns are to be students at Law School (preferably having had experience with International Law in some tangible manner), although recent graduates are welcome to apply. 
  •  Following the receipt of applications, they will be scrutinized, and a shortlisted set of candidates will be called for an interview via Skype, after which only successful candidates will be informed. The entire process should take no more than 2 – 3 weeks.

Application Process:

The Application packet must comprise the following:

  •  An analysis of any contemporaneous issue in International Law in 500 words. 
  •  A copy of your Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • A short piece in 100 words, explaining why you want to be a part of A38 as an intern.

Send in your applications to [email protected] with Internship Application in the subject line between:

  • July 1 and July 20 for Internships between August 1 and October 31
  • October 1 and October 20 for Internships between November 1 and January 31
  • January 1 and January 20 for  Internships between February 1 and April 30
  • April 1 and April 20 for Internships between May 1 and July 31

Intake cycles:

  • January Calls: February 1 to April 30
  • April Calls: May 1 to July 31
  • July Calls: August 1 to October 31
  • October Calls: November 1 to January 31


For further details please visit: