COASE BRIEF COMPETITION 2015: O.P. Jindal Global University



The Coase Brief Competition (CBC) is a first of its kind, inter-disciplinary competition organized by O.P Jindal Global University (JGU). This competition celebrates the life and scholarship of renowned economist and author, Ronald H. Coase. CBC envisages an inter-disciplinary perspective to hypothetical problem-set where contestants attempt to present solutions beyond their respective academic disciplines. The unique format of this competition allows & encourages students of all schools/institutions across the globe to work and engage in cutting-edge inter-disciplinary research and display academic rigor of the highest calibre. . The 1st Jindal- Economic Laws Practice (ELP) Coase Brief Competition was successfully conducted on 25th April 2014. The purpose of CBC is to provide a platform for different sections of academia and society to
intellectually engage on issues whose viable solutions cannot be offered within narrowed silos of single academic discipline. Indeed, the competition aims at engaging students from different academic disciplines intellectually in order to start co-operating and coordinating over issues  which affect different sections of society. The 2nd Edition of the Jindal Coase Brief Competition will be held on 17th, 18th and 19th March 2015

Proceedings of the competition:

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The registered teams will recieve a hypothetical problem-set a.k.a ‘Case study‘ which is scheduled to be released on Nov 10, 2014.

All the teams are required to submit a preliminary Brief composed of not more than 1000 words on or before December 8, 2014 (11.59 pm). The Brief should intellectually address all the questions raised in the case study which will require the participants to harness interdisciplinary ideas.

Deadlines and other dates will be as per Indian Standard Time (IST).

Visit our official website for more details and the official documents of our competition.