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Are you a Law Student or Professional looking forward to enhance your Legal Drafting Skills. Take LegalDesire Online Workshop on Legal Drafting and Master yourself in Legal Research, Memorial Making, ContractDrafting, Legal Articles and More…

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This workshop aims to help law students with LEGAL DRAFTING skills. The course will not only incorporate the top notch heads of document drafting in the legal field but will also take in account each and every minor aspect of the same. Pursuing this 30 Days workshop will help the students in their internships and later in the career.

This course is intended for ones wishing to improve their ability to write sharp, clear prose, to edit their own and others’ writing, and to become more proficient and efficient at composing and organizing written documents.

The ultimate goal of the course is to get you ready to undertake the writing tasks demanded of lawyers.  Specifically, the course should help you hone the following skills:

• Analyzing and conceptualizing legal issues.

• Organizing strategies (outlining, decision trees, cluster diagrams).

• Structuring legal arguments and documents (macro & micro structure).

• Using core writing techniques, including clarity, cohesion, concision, and Plain English concerns.

• Writing strong introductions and conclusions.

• Mastering objective v. persuasive techniques.

• Using new editing techniques.

• Sharpening efficient writing and editing skills using timed assignments.

Duration: 30 Days

Schedule of the Course:

The Course is divided in 5 Modules.

1st Module: Legal Drafting

• Drafting of Plaint

• Drafting of Written Statement

• Bail Application

• Drafting of Writ Petitions

• Drafting of Power of Attorneys

• Tasks for Drafting Each One of the Above

2nd Module: Memorial Making

• Drafting and Marshaling of Facts

• Classification of Case Laws according to the Facts

• Framing up of Issues and Arguments

• Detailing the Contentions

• Drafting of a Memorial on the Given Case

3rd Module: Research Paper; Legal Article Writing; and Legal Research

• Study on the Blue Book and OSCOLA Method of Citation

• Framing of the Legal Article or Research paper (Framing up of the Executive Summary, Methodology, Research Hypothesis, Recommendation, Implementation Strategy )

• Locating the Case Laws and Briefing them.

• Case Commentary

• Writing of a Legal Article

4th Module: Contract Drafting

• Key Contract Concepts necessary for Drafting

• Framing up of a Contract

• Structuring of the Contract

• Model Contract Drafting

5th Module: Special Drafting


• Consumer Complaint

• RTI Application

• NHRC Petition



The writing assignments include writing “from scratch,” editing your work and colleagues’ writing, and rewriting. The lessons from the short assignments contribute to the work on longer, full documents. Every Module includes some assignment for you. You will be required to submit the same which will receive evaluation and suggestions.

Salient Features:

• Assignments

• Online Notes/Study Material

• Powerpoint Presentations

• Audio/Visuals Content

• Expert Advice

• Q&A Support

• Sample Legal Docs and Formats

• Rewards for Good Performance in Assignments

Fee Structure: Rs.2000/-

Certificate of Accomplishment:

The students will be required to submit assignments at regular intervals. The assignments thus submitted will reside as the property of Legal Desire. Students who complete their assignments on time with satisfactory results will be awarded with the Certificates after the completion of this workshop followed by a  final exam.


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