The present course aims to give you a very comprehensive understanding of standard clauses in a contract and their interpretation. In addition, it also offers you several drafting techniques for these terms which you can use to suit your need and tweak the interpretation. The course also has all the essential elements of our maiden course on interpretation of contracts which received more than 300 applications from several law students and legal professionals across India last year. Above all, the entire course is based on leading judgments of various courts in Indian and practical learning experiences of legal professionals currently working at some of the reputed law firms in India

Course Structure:

Part A : Interpretation of Contracts

Chapter-1: Fundamental Rules for Interpretation of Contracts
Chapter-2: Interpretative Value of Pre-contractual Documents/Draft Agreements
Chapter-3: Importance of Deleted Words
Chapter-4: Implied Terms of Contract and Business Efficacy Test
Chapter-5: Specific Provision vis-a-vis General Provision
Chapter-6: Harmonious Construction of Contractual Terms
Chapter-7: Placement of Clauses in a Contract: Does it matter?

Part B: Drafting of standard clauses

Chapter-8: Clauses related to Interpretation and Private Definitions
Chapter-9: Representation and Warranties
Chapter 10: Indemnities, Liabilities and Remedies
Chapter-11: Confidentiality Clause
Chapter 12: Intellectual Properties – Ownership and Liabilities
Chapter-13: Dispute Resolution & Arbitration Clause
Chapter 14: Miscellaneous Provisions, viz. Assignment, Severability, Entire Agreement, Waiver, Survival, Amendment, Counterparts, Force Majeure, etc.

Selection Criteria and Rules:

  • A total of 50 applicants will be confirmed on first come first serve basis upon successful payment of the applicable fee on or before the last date of enrollment, i.e. February 8th, 2015.
  • The interested candidates can send their application through an email to[email protected] with the following details- (a) name; (b) name of the college/university; (c) year of passing; (d) contact address and, (e) mobile number.

Registration & Payment

  • Once the application is received by us, a confirmation email will be sent to the candidate, upon which the selected candidate can pay the application fee to the following bank account- A/c Holder Name: Ashutosh Kumar, A/c No. 4044 0015 0005 1965, IFS Code: PUNB0404400.
  • After making the payment, kindly send a receipt/ challan/ screen-shot/ any documentary proof of the same so that we can confirm your application at the earliest.
  • A candidate discontinuing the course or failing to take the evaluation test will be automatically disqualified from the course upon which no fee shall be refundable to them.

Course Fee

  • Law Students: INR 500/-
  • Fresh Graduates: INR 700/-
  • Legal Professionals: INR 900/-

Important Dates

  • Last Date for Enrollment: February 8, 2015
  • Last Date for Intimation of Acceptance of Application: February 10, 2015
  • Course Duration: March 15 – March 31 (2 weeks)
  • Evaluation Test: 1st week of April
  • Declaration of Results: 2nd week of April
  • Issue of Certificate: 3rd week of April

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