iversity’s Free Online Course on Public Privacy: Cyber Security and Human Rights


Public Privacy: Cyber Security and Human Rights is a free online course given by iversity. It is a German initiative to impart free education in various fields. This course is designed by Prof. Dr. Anja Mihr, Academic Director of the MA Programme on Governance and Human Rights, at the Humboldt Viadrina School for Governance (HVSG) in Berlin and Associate Professor at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (SIM) at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

This course systematically examines the compliance between international human rights norms, standards and mechanism within legal and political frameworks and the growing cyber security regime. Debates about the loss of state sovereignty over cyber security, paired with the idea of internet freedom and users’ and citizens’ responsibility lead to the question, whether individual and state responsibility based on reciprocity and human rights compliance are reconcilable.

Learning Outcomes

Students taking this course will learn:
• how human rights are used in the debate about Public Privacy
• how individual, societal, political and governmental actors interact in this context
• what cyber security in consistency with human rights is about.

Using this information, students will practice assessing and analyzing cyber security issues based on international human rights norms, standards and regimes.

Course Format

The course will be hosted online and will consist of lectures by the instructor, as well as guest lectures and exclusive interviews with respective stakeholders. Additional reading material, animations and images will support each learning objective. Students will be assessed through quizzes, peer-to-peer review and their participation in interactive discussion forums.


The Course starts on 2nd December, 2013

Enrol yourself through the link given below –

https://iversity.org/c/28?r=55377 or click here