Postgraduate Diploma/Masters from King’s College London in EU Competition Law – Distance Learning Programme



This programme has now been attended by over 2000 students drawn from the UK, other parts of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Central and Eastern Europe, and from further afield, such as the USA, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya and Australia. It provides tuition from one of the world’s leading centres of European law and is studied on a distance learning basis, thereby avoiding crucial time spent away from your office. The programme will allow you to gain a competitive advantage in a difficult job market and increase your skills at this crucial time.

The programme aims to provide the professional with an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of EU competition law, focusing on practical aspects as well as the substantive law.  It is spread over 8 months starting on 1st October 2014 and ending with an examination at King’s College London in May 2015.

The units will be dispatched at fortnightly intervals. These will take you systematically through the constituent provisions of EU Competition Law – Article 101, Article 102, Article 106, Articles 107 – 109 and the Merger Regulation. Subsequent units will look at particular business phenomena – joint ventures, cartels, distribution agreements andlicenses of intellectual property rights considering how the law impacts upon each of these. The final units deal with particular problems of EU competition law procedure and enforcement.

Successful postgraduate diploma students at Merit level may, if they wish, apply to enrol in a Masters in EU Competition Law, also studied part-time by distance learning from King’s College London.

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