Course on ‘Drafting Techniques for Commercial Contracts’ by Corp Comm Legal: Apply by March 28 [Early Bird Offer]


Corp Comm Legal’s founding partner – Mr Bhumesh Verma in association with Enhelion, has launched a three-month – self-paced – online certificate course on Drafting Commercial Contracts.

Drafting of commercial contracts is a craft and many law students and young legal professionals, find it really hard to draft top class commercial contracts. The reason is, they are not aware of the techniques and the language involved in drafting such legal agreements.

With the response that Enhelion and Corp Comm Legal received for the short 2 day continuing legal education programme on Commercial Contract drafting and with countless requests from the student audience to launch a longer programme on Commercial Contract Drafting, we bring forth this unique certificate programme on Drafting Techniques on Commercial Contracts.

  • Why this course?

Drafting legal documents, especially commercial contracts, is no easy task. Although on the face of it, they may seem to be simple and quick to draft, but ask any lawyer who drafts contracts for his bread and butter, it is a gigantic task to put everything in writing and place it before her/his client for her/his approval.

It also requires skills and techniques to bring out a good contract that is worded appropriately and protects the client’s interests.

As Ken Adams, an authority on Contract Drafting puts it, “For effective contract drafting, you need quality raw materials—the building blocks have to be clear, concise, and consistent, and they have to make sense. The craft in contract drafting shouldn’t reside in coming up with the raw materials. Instead, it lies in one’s command of the raw materials and applying them to achieve an end”.

In this online course, the learner shall not only how to draft commercial contracts, but will also learn the tricks and techniques that need to be applied in today’s age.

  • The course outline is provided below:
  1. What information do you require to start drafting?
  2. What are soft skills required for drafting a contract?
  3. What are corporate/commercial contracts?
  4. Boilerplate clauses.
  5. How to negotiate?
  6. Difference between MOU and Agreement?
  7. Final representation and warranties.
  • The details are provided below:
  1. Duration: 3 Three Months – Self Paced Courses [You can start anytime and end anytime. But we recommend that you complete it in three months].
  2. Evaluation: One MCQ Test and One Project Assignment
  3. Fees: INR 2500 [Early Bird Offer] till 28th March 2018 [After 28th March – the fees will increase]
  4. Payment Mode: PayTM or PayU
  5. Internship: Those who perform well in the project assignment shall be awarded an internship at Corp Comm Legal and will be provided with an opportunity to write articles with Mr. Bhumesh Verma
  6. Content: Access to content, which includes online lectures, animated videos and written course material is for “life”.
  7. Registration: You can register by 28th March 2018 and start as per your convenience. The early bird offer ends on the 28th of March, that is why we have mentioned 28th March as the last date to pay the fees [Early Bird offer]
  8. Start Date: You can start anytime and end anytime. It is up to you.