Vahura Firm : Recruiting legal talent



Vahura is a firm of legal talent specialists who enlist lawyers and organizations to do good legal work. Deriving their title from ‘Varuna’ the Indian god of law, Vahura possesses a team of professionals who aim at helping aspiring law professionals in finding good placement consistent with their qualifications and needs and also assist organizations to do proactive legal work. Vahura is a self-funded and self-owned firm that specializes in legal recruitment and also provides excellent consulting and HR services. Essentially the Vahura team claims to be very well-connected with top legal firms and law professionals and invites lawyers looking for direction/guidance to contact them and take the benefit of their services. 

The Vahura firm functions by referring you to prestigious firms and their belief is that their recommendation is  a force to reckon with. An alliance with the Vahura firm will not only allow you to build you CV but to also have access to firms and practices that would otherwise not be reachable. Once you have met with a representative of the team, a specialist is assigned whose sole aim is furthering your career. From preparing for interviews to advice about the right kind of jobs- Vahura coaches you through everything. Vahura therefore, is an Indian legal recruitment firm that aims at providing unlimited career opportunities to lawyers and organizations. 

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