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About the D&P committee recruitment drive

The D&P committee recruitment drive is an initiative by Indian National Bar Association (INBA) for the benefit of law students across the country. The course of this drive it to short list the vivid and versatile law enthusiasts. With the purpose ranging from legal networking to enhancement of legal knowledge of the members of this drive, including various other benefits that shall come through in tenure of the membership of INBA.

About INBA Section for Law Students:

INBA Student section works as a voice of law students and organizes various activities which further professional opportunities among law students.


1. Promote the public good in relation to legal matters viewed in the broadest context.

2. Maintain standards of professional conduct and participate in the discipline of members when required.

3. To arrange and promote continuing legal education.

4. To promote, conduct & cooperate in the promotion or conduct of activities of a professional, educational, cultural, and social nature amongst the law students.

5. To increase the interactive prospects of its members with the pioneers of the legal field and practice.


1. Running continuing professional development programs for its members.

2. Encouraging public discussion on topics concerning the law and other matters of public interest.

INBA Development and Program Committee Objectives:

 The Prime object is to strengthen the financial platform for the INBA activities by establishing a fundraising plan that incorporates a series of appropriate vehicles.

• To review budgets initially prepared by the different committees of INBA, to help develop appropriate procedures for budget preparation, and on a consistency between the budget and the organization’s plans.

• To report to the board any financial irregularities, concerns, opportunities

• To recommend financial guidelines to the board (such as to establish a reserve fund or to obtain a line of credit for a specified amount)

• To oversee new program development, and to monitor and assess existing programs

• To initiate and guide program evaluations, and

• To facilitate discussions about program priorities for the organization.


The member of Development & Program committee of INBA shall observe and follow the following roles and responsibilities:

1. The members shall represent INBA Section for Law Students at their respective college.

2. Each member shall work in accordance with the objectives of the D&P committee and perform the required assignment as assigned.

3. Each member shall promote INBA Section for Law Students as and when it’s possible in order to increase the pool knowledge and connectivity.

4. Each member shall participate in a weekly conference call that shall be organized by the officiating members.

5. Each member shall, at the end or completion of their assignment, send an email listing the details of the work done and other activities as given by the committee. 6. Each member shall harmoniously play a part


6. Each member shall harmoniously play a part to plan, manage and improvise the project activities as taken during their tenure under D&P in INBA.

7. Each member shall undertake any step for the welfare of the students, legal profession & practitioners and in the larger interest of society within the framework of policy of INBA.

8. Each member have to submit the monthly report to the Chair and CoChair of their work.

9. They will be required to associate INBA in any of their college activity like Moot Courts, debates, MUNs, Conference etc.


1. Student pursuing three year or five year law course from institutions recognized by Bar Council of India. The students for five year law course must be in their 3rd, 4th, 5th year only.

2. Applicant should be a student member (through online membership) of the Indian National Bar Association. Link:

3. Applicant must have undertaken some kind of initiative or voluntary work in the college.

4. Applicant must have good communication skills.

Expectations from an Ideal Applicant:

1. Devoting 10-15 hours a week to INBA Student Section.

2. Good Knowledge of MS Office.

3. Honesty and Reliability.

4. Should be able to meet deadlines.


1. New experiences.

2. Adding Value to your CV.

3. Adding brand to your name.

4. Contact building with industry experts and peers.

5. Work exposure and Industry recognition.

6. Exciting discount offers.

7. Certificates of merits.

8. Scholarship Opportunity

9. Learn about blogging, writing, marketing and other things.

Selection Procedure:

Candidates will be shortlisted for the interview on the basis of their CV and the cover letter/statement of intent attached to the mail. Shortlisted candidates have to go through interviews.

1. Interview over phone.

2. Video Conference Interview (if necessary)

3. Personal Interview (for candidates in Delhi NCR)

4. A task to see your capabilities.

For the candidates living in Delhi NCR will have personal interview as well as an online interview. Candidates living outside Delhi will have an interview over a video conference call as well as on phone. Applicant with Extra-curricular activities & Internships will be given preference.

Application Procedure: Send your CV with a cover letter/statement of intent and a scanned copy of your college ID card to with a CC at and


Note: To know more about the said recruitment drive and for any questions or clarification please free to contact the following: 1. Sahil Chopra – Chair, Section For Law Students, INBA Contact No. +91- 7838474837 Email: 2. Akshaya Agarwal –Chair Development & Program committee , Section For Law Students, INBA Contact No. +91- 9999777687 Email:



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