Researchers Club is Hiring !



We are hiring students to work part-time with Researchers Club on campus for legal research and non-legal research, marketing and networking activities. Our associates will be official representatives of Researchers Club at their respective campuses. Research Associate will get work experience for a period of four months according to their respective research field.

We are seeking candidates with excellent academic records and prior work experience in the field of research and marketing.


People those who are in any field of education can apply for this job.

For Ex: Law, Engineering, Medical, Science, Commerce, etc.


  • Work with professionals at Researchers Club and undertake research activities
  • Participate in conference calls, team training, and regularly scheduled team meetings.
  • Undertake marketing and networking activities at your campus for Researchers Club.
  • Average time Commitment: 7 Hours a Week.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure consists of two steps:

  1. Send in your application along with your CV [email protected]
  2. Eligible candidates will receive a call for telephonic interview. (Date will sent to you via your mail.)

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